Zochrot, an Israeli NGO that promotes the Palestinian narrative of “Nakba” and accuses Israel of “ethnic cleansing,” is scheduled to host an event at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque on November 27-29, 2014, titled “48mm- The 2nd International Film Festival on Nakba and Return.”

Zochrot seeks to “raise public awareness of the Palestinian Nakba…The memory and responsibility that the Jewish public should take on the Palestinian Nakba are basic conditions to peace between people.” This agenda is equivalent to calling for the elimination of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

Among the major issues raised by the presentation of a “Nakba” film festival is the European government funding provided to Zochrot, the NGO organizing this event. According to the Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits, Zochrot received NIS 335,337 from foreign government bodies in the first half of 2014, NIS 1,868,485 in 2013, and NIS 1,816,336 in 2012. Furthermore, much of this funding is channeled through church groups under the heading of “humanitarian aid”. These church groups are also involved in promoting BDS (boycotts, divestments and sanctions) and other forms of demonization.

A detailed analysis of Zochrot, its funders, and impact on the media is being published by Prof. Gerald Steinberg in Middle East Quarterly. Draft copies of “Zochrot and the Palestinian Refugee Narrative” are available upon request.

Foreign donations in the first half of 2014, based on reports to the Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits

Donor Amounts in NIS
Oxfam GB (receives UK funding) 25,878
Broederlijk Delen (Belgium) 37,941
Rosa Luxemberg (Germany) 40,036
Finn Church Aid (Finland) 94,840
Mennonite Central Committee (Canada, US) 67,007
“ST” (most likely St. Het Solidariteits, a funder of Zochrot in 2013) 69,635