Israeli NGOs

NGOs such as B’Tselem, Adalah, and Breaking the Silence receive massive amounts of funding from foreign governments, claiming to promote a human rights agenda in Israel. In reality, these groups focus on delegitimizing and demonizing Israel before international audiences, seeking to generate external pressure outside of Israel’s democratic framework.

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Alternative Information Center (AIC) Profile

AIC is a radical political organization run by individuals with links to the Trotskyite anti-Zionist Revolutionary Communist League (Matzpen) and the PFLP. Funders include: Diakonia (Swedish government), Christian Aid (Irish government), and Sodepau (Catalan government in Spain). AIC rhetoric includes: [Sanctions] can provide an excellent framework to fight normalization with Israel. Shimon Peres is definitely an enemy of the Palestinian people, of human rights and of peace. Only the choice of resistance can put an end to the occupation. Barak and the rest of them to Nuremberg!


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