The Palestinian non-governmental organization (NGO) Addameer is a leader of campaigns in support of Palestinians prisoners convicted of security offenses, referring to them as “political prisoners” and altogether omitting the context of violence and terror.

Furthermore, according to Fatah, Addameer is an affiliate of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) – designated as a terrorist organization by the US, EU, Canada, and Israel. Several of Addameer’s current and former employees, as well as lawyers that work for Addameer, have links to the PFLP. As an organization, Addameer regularly provides legal assistance to Palestinians accused by Israel of PFLP membership or activity on behalf of the terror group, such as PFLP General-Secretary Ahmed Sa’adat. On October 22, 2021, the Israeli Ministry of Defense declared Addameer a “terror organization” because it is part of “a network of organizations” that operates “on behalf of the ‘Popular Front’.” 

In October 2019, Addameer’s website listed Mahmoud Hassan as the head of its legal unit on its website.  He has personally represented those –  such as Khalida Jarrar   – accused of PFLP membership and activity (see below).  

It is important to note that NGO Monitor’s research is based on open source information. It is therefore possible that numerous other Addameer employees and/or board members have ties to the PFLP or other terror groups.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)

Founded by George Habash in 1967, the PFLP is a secular Palestinian Marxist-Leninist organization, originally supported by the former Soviet Union and China. The PFLP is a terrorist organization, designated as such by the EU, the US, Canada, and Israel. The PFLP is involved in suicide bombings, shootings, and assassinations, among other terrorist activities targeting civilians, and was the first Palestinian organization to hijack airplanes in the 1960s and 1970s. 

The group was responsible for the assassination of Israeli Minister of Tourism Rechavam Ze’evi in 2001, and its members joined with the Baader-Meinhof Gang (a West German radical group) to hijack an Air France Tel Aviv-bound flight in 1976, landing it in Entebbe, Uganda. PFLP members took credit for the house invasion and murder of the Fogel family in 2011 and was responsible for the massacre at a synagogue in Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood in 2014 where four worshipers and an Israeli Druze police officer were murdered. The terror organization also praised its “comrades” for their role in the murder of Israeli Border Police office Hadas Malka, and wounding of four other Israelis in a June 16, 2017 attack in Jerusalem. In August 2019, a PFLP terror cell carried out a bombing against Israeli civilians, murdering 17-year-old Rina Shnerb, and injuring her father and brother.

The PFLP has never recognized the State of Israel, and opposes all negotiations, instead calling for the “liberation” of all of “historical Palestine,” regularly by means of terror. 

In addition to Addameer, NGO Monitor has identified a broad network of Palestinian NGOs claiming to advance human rights or humanitarian interests that have links to the PFLP terror group.  These connections include current and former NGO board members, officials, and employees who served in the PFLP or spoken on its behalf at public events and taken part in PFLP forums.


Addameer’s terror affiliation is antithetical to human rights norms and principles. Due to its affiliation with the PFLP and other terror groups, the provision of funds to Addameer is in likely violation of international, EU, and domestic terror financing and material support laws. The organization is therefore an inappropriate partner for governments and individuals seeking to further human rights in the region.

In January 2020, Addameer vehemently opposed a new requirement in European Union grant contracts with Palestinian NGOs that prohibits grantees from working with and funding organizations and individuals designated on the EU’s terror lists.

While Addameer has not published funding details since 2014, data from donor governments provides the following partial information:

  • In 2020, Addameer received CHF 135,763 from Switzerland (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation).
  • In 2019, Addameer received €80,625 from Ireland (Irish Aid).
  • In 2019-2021, Addameer was an implementing partner on a €799,362project funded by Spain (Basque Agency for Development Cooperation (AVCD)).
    • In 2016-2020, Addameer was an implementing partner on a €670,203 project funded by the Navarre Autonomous Community titled “Protection of the rights of the Palestinian population detained in Israeli prisons.”
    • In 2020-2022, Addameer and Spanish NGO SODePAZ are receiving €48,477 from the municipality of San Sebastián to “guarantee the defense of the human rights of Palestinian political prisoners and their families within a comprehensive protection approach.”
  • In 2017, Japan provided UNICEF with $114,144 for “Informing humanitarian programmatic and advocacy response through documentation of grave violations against children affected by armed conflict.” Addameer, B’Tselem, DCI Palestine, Wadi Hilweh Information Centre, and War Child Holland are listed as implementing partners of the project. 
  • In 2016, UNICEF provided Addameer, Defense for Children International – Palestine (DCI-P), War Child Holland, Wadi Hilweh Information Centre, and B’Tselem with $205,028 for “Informing humanitarian programmatic and advocacy response through documentation of grave violations against children affected by armed conflict.”
  • In 2016, Norway (Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) provided NOK 900,000 to Addameer.
  • In 2014-2017, the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat, which was a joint-government funding mechanism of Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands that closed in 2017, provided $498,700 to Addameer. 

Failure to Obtain UN Accreditation

On January 31, 2012, Addameer’s application to obtain ECOSOC consultative status (granting NGO access to UN forums) was deferred after the US representative to the Committee on NGOs asked “the applicant to clarify its affiliation with the Popular Front for the Organization of Palestine (sic).”

The Committee on NGOs further deferred Addameer’s request, pending its response to the question, in February 2012, June 2012, and February 2013.

In June 2013, Addameer’s request for ECOSOC status was closed after it failed to respond to the question.


Addameer conducts a youth program called Al-Da’maer that “empowers the youth’s role in strengthening and protecting human rights.” According to Addameer, “Participants are trained in international humanitarian law, international human rights law, establishing advocating campaigns and managing small projects. [The] Al-Da’maer program has initiated activities in support of the prisoners’ cause on prisoner’s day…” (Click here to read more on this program.)

On April 3, 2016, Addameer posted an article about an Al-Da’maer training course, led by “released prisoner” Ismat Mansour and his associate Hasan Karajah, as well as Addameer staff. Mansour was sentenced to 22 years in prison for assisting in the kidnapping and murder of the Israeli civilian Haim Mizrahi in 1993. In an interview to Israeli TV upon his release, Mansour said, “I have no regrets…I was part of the struggle of my people, I don’t reconsider my contribution.” On November 18, 2020, Massar News reported that Mansour was a leader in the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP). The DFLP is a terrorist organization designated as such by Israel.

On April 20, 2014, Addameer uploaded pictures to its official website from an Al-Da’maer visit to the families of Ayman Al-Tabeesh and Iyad Haribat. When visiting Al-Tabeesh’s family, Al-Da’maer participants held a poster of him and gave an award to the family, which was inscribed, “…In honor of his sacrifice and resistance to the prison and the prison guards and in appreciation of what he gave to the nation…” According to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), Al-Tabeesh spent a total of 13years in Israeli prison “due to his affiliation, membership and activities in the PIJ.” The PIJ is designated as a terrorist organization by the USEU and Canada.

Al-Da’maer participants visited Ayman Al-Tabeesh, holding a poster of him and awarding his family a plaque inscribed, “in honor of his sacrifice and resistance to prison and prison guards and in appreciation to his gave to the nation…”

Addammer Staff with Ties to the PFLP

Several of Addameer’s current and former employees, as well as lawyers that work for Addameer, have links to the PFLP.

Abdul-Latif Ghaith

According to a November 6, 2019 Addameer article, Ghaith is the “former Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association Chairperson.An October 2011 Addameer article also refers to Ghaith as “one of the founders of Addameer” and notes that he has “been serving on the Board for the past twenty years.”

  • Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri banned him from traveling in February 2019  and also in February 2017. According to the Interior Ministry, Deri “was convinced that Abdul-Latif, an activist in the Popular Front [for the Liberation of Palestine] organization and a person who has connections to the organization’s activists abroad, will utilize his travel abroad for the organizational purposes of the Popular Front [for the Liberation of Palestine].”

Khalida Jarrar

Khalida Jarrar served as vice-chairperson of Addameer until 2017.1 She is also seen being interviewed at Addameer’s offices in a 2019 video. Khalida Jarrar appeared on the PFLP list for the scheduled May 2021 Palestinian Legislative Elections, which were postponed indefinitely.

  • Jarrar was arrested on October 31, 2019 on suspicions of “involvement in terror activity.” On December 18, 2019, it was revealed that Jarrar has “emerged as the head of the PFLP in the West Bank and responsible for all the organization’s activities” (emphasis added). In September 2021, Jarrar was released from prison. According to her indictment:
    • Jarrar was indicted on one count of holding a position in an illegal organization, dating back to June 2016.
    • The indictment discusses how she and two other individuals arrested for their alleged involvement in the PFLP-terror cell that killed a 17-year old Israeli girl Rina Schnerb divided their responsibilities. The two others are Walid Hanatsheh (who works as the financial and administrative director at the PFLP-tied Health Work Commitees), and Abdul Razeq Farraj (administrative manager at the PFLP-tied Union of Agricultural Work Committees). The indictment explains that Jarrar was responsible for political and national activities, for terror, and Farraj for organizational development and recruitment.
    • Jarrar was kept abreast of the work of her colleagues. The trio had multiple meetings in which they updated each other on their activities, dating back to 2014.
  • According to Addameer, Jarrar was arrested in July 2017 and placed in administrative detention. According to Addameer, her detention was extended multiple times until she was released on February 28, 2019.
  • Jarrar was administratively detained on April 1, 2015 by Israeli security forces and on April 15, 2015 she was indicted for various offenses including active membership in a terrorist organization (the PFLP) and inciting violence through a call to kidnap Israeli soldiers to be used as “bargaining chips for the release of Palestinian prisoners.”
  • Jarrar accepted a plea bargain and was reportedly convicted on “one count of belonging to an illegal organization and another of incitement” receiving a 15- month prison sentence with an additional 10-month suspended sentence. According to an article in Haaretz, “The court noted that Jarrar was not being tried for being a member of the Palestinian parliament but rather for her activity in the PFLP.”
  • In addition, Khalida Jarrar attended the 2019 and 2016 general assembly of the PFLP-tied NGO Health Work Committees (HWC).
  • In May 2019, Khalida Jarrar attended a memorial event organized by the PFLP. It centered on PFLP political bureau member Rabah Muhanna, who, according to information posted by the PFLP, “contributed to the establishment” of several PFLP-affiliated NGOs. The hall was decorated with PFLP paraphernalia.

PFLP march in Saffa village in December 2015

Source: Khan 11, “The Popular Front found an original way to receive funding from the UN,” November 14, 2016:

Salah Hamouri

Until October 2019, Addameer’s Arabic website listed Salah Hamouri as a field researcher. A September 11, 2019 interview with the French “Pourquoipas,” the interviewer refers to Hamouri as a “lawyer at Addameer,” to which Hamouri responds “yes, I am a lawyer” and adds that he is one of six lawyers at the organization. 

Left to Right: Ahmed Saadat, General Secretary of the PFLP; Samir Kuntar, “top Hezbollah operative” and responsible for the 1979 terrorist murder of an Israeli family including a four year old girl; Marwan Barghouti, head of Fatah’s Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades terror group, convicted to five life sentences for murder; and Salah Hamouri

Salah Hamouri with PFLP FlagSource: HadfNews, September 30, 2018:

Sahar Francis

According to Addameer, Sahar Francis has held the position of general director since 2006. Francis joined Addameer as a lawyer in 1998.

  • According to a February 2019+972 Magazine interview, “One of the achievements Francis is proudest of is supporting Khader Adnan during his 2012 hunger strike.” Adnan is senior leader of PIJ.
  • According to the PFLP and Arab media, in September 2014, Francis participated in a PFLP-organized memorial event for Hashem Abu Maria, Sultan Al-Zaakik and Abe Al-Hameed Breigheth. During the event, Francis “talked about Hashem the human, Hashem the fighter, Hashem who did not know the meaning of defeat, Hashem who smiled at hardships. Hashem was a school for love, truth and commitment.”
    • In July 2014, Abu Maria was killed during a violent confrontation in Beit Ummar. Following his death, he was hailed by the PFLP, which issued an official mourning announcement, as a “leader.”
  • On February 22, 2016, during Apartheid Week events in London, Francis argued that while it was “not certain or proved…she shared with the audience the increasing suspicions that Israel was harvesting organs from Palestinian corpses before returning them” (emphasis added).

Ayman Nasser

In October 2019, Addameer’s website listed Ayman Nasser as the coordinator of Addameer’s legal unit. Nasser is referred to as a “legal unit coordinator” in a September 2019 Amnesty International article.

  • According to Amnesty International, “on 11 September 2019, the Israeli Ofer Military Court approved the renewal of Ayman Nasser’s administrative detention for a further four months. His detention is now expected to end on 4 January 2020. Ayman Nasser has been detained since 17 September 2018, without charge or trial in Ofer prison, near the West Bank city of Ramallah. Ayman Nasser is the legal unit coordinator of Palestinian NGO Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Right Association.”
  • On July 29, 2019, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled on Nasser’s administrative detention.  It found that he had engaged in “organizational activity in the context of the Popular Front [for the Liberation of Palestine], “which was “significant and dangerous, along with additional Popular Front [for the Liberation of Palestine] members.” [On file with NGO Monitor]  
  • According to Addameer, Nasser was arrested on September 9, 2018. On September 16, 2018, Nasser received a 6-month administrative detention order.
  • According to Addameer, Nasser was arrested on September 18, 2014 and placed in administrative detention. His administrative detention was renewed three times and he was released on September 13, 2015.
  • On June 3, 2013, the Israeli military court convicted Nasser, who admitted to being a member of an unlawful organization, the PFLP, and for providing services to the organization. He was released in October 2013.
  • On December 18, 2012, an indictment was filed against him in Israeli military court attributing a number of offenses relating to membership in the PFLP and activities on behalf of the organization.
  • According to Amnesty International, he was arrested on October 15, 2012  for links to the PFLP.
  • According to Addameer, he was imprisoned by Israel from 1992 to 1997.

Samer Arbid

Addameer’s website listed Arbid as an accountant for several years.2

  • According to UAWC, Arbid was placed in administrative detention on December 24, 2015. According to Samidoun, Arbid “was ordered to an additional three months’ administrative detention” on March 12, 2016.
  • Samidoun reported that Arbid was arrested on September 23, 2013 and placed in administrative detention. An October 30, 2013 Addameer article notes that “Addameer accountant Sameer Arbeed…will be released on November 21, 2013.”
  • In an Addameer-produced video from April 2013, Arbid describes his numerous arrests. He states that he was arrested at the beginning of 2003 and sentenced to two and a half years in prison, and served an additional year in administrative detention.
  • According to Samidoun, Arbid was placed in administrative detention from March 2007 to August 2008.
  • According to Israeli security officials, on August 23, 2019, Samer Arbid commanded a PFLP terror cell that carried out a bombing against Israeli civilians, murdering 17-year old Rina Shnerb, and injuring her father and brother. According to the indictment, Arbid prepared and detonated the explosive device. A December 18, 2019 article in the Jerusalem Post notes that according to the Shabak, “Arbid prepared the explosive device and detonated it when he saw the Shnerb family approaching the spring.” According to Amnesty International, Arbid’s lawyer is “part of the Palestinian human rights group ‘Addameer.’”
    • According to Arbid’s indictment, Arbid was indicted on 21 counts in Israeli military court. His alleged crimes include:
      • Premeditated causing of death
      • Planting an explosive
      • Multiple counts of premeditated attempt to cause death. These include involvement in shooting attacks against civilian buses and private vehicles, as well as the August 23, 2019 bomb attack in which Rena Schnerb was murdered.
      • Illegal possession of weapons.
      • Weapons trafficking.
      • Membership in an illegal organization.

Yacoub Odeh

In October 2019, Addameer’s website listed Yacoub Odeh (Yaquod Oudeh) as a board member.

  • According to Passia (Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs), Odeh joined the PFLP in 1967.
  • An August 27, 2013 PA TV interview with the terrorist Aisha Odeh links Yacoub Odeh to a 1969 terrorist attack in Jerusalem. According to Aisha Odeh, “…Rasmieh Odeh and Yaqub Odeh are from Lifta. I am from Dir Jarir. In addition there were Samia Al-Tawil and Mahmoud Al-Ubeid. The five of us were tried together, even though I had no connection to any of them aside from Rasmieh. Yaqub Odeh was sentenced to 3 life sentences, Rasmieh Odeh was sentenced to 3 life sentences, and I was sentenced to 2 life sentences… One life sentence for carrying out an operation, one life sentence for not reporting the operation, and ten years for my membership in the [PFLP] organization… Israelis died [in the bombing]. We placed two bombs. One bomb exploded and one bomb was discovered a few moments before it exploded. Two were killed and 10 (sic., 20) were wounded…”
  • According to the PFLP, Odeh spoke at a February 8, 2014 PFLP ceremony where “Hundreds of PFLP members and activists participated in the event honouring veteran activists, who announced they are launching an association of PFLP veterans and long-term cadres.” According to the PFLP “Comrade Yacoub Odeh, who spent 17 years in Israeli prisons, spoke on behalf of the veteran cadres, carrying a unified message of commitment to the Popular Front’s united position and dedication to the freedom of the Palestinian people and the liberation of the land of Palestine. He confirmed that the veteran comrades’ deep commitment to the front was built on the sacrifices of the martyrs and great leaders who forged the path, and that now it is necessary to continue to achieve the goal for which the Front was launched.”
  • In 2017, Odeh participated in a conference, “The 1987 Intifada: History and Memory” in commemoration of “the thirtieth Anniversary of the First Palestinian Uprising against the Israeli Occupation.” The conferenceheld in Gaza on November 24-26 and in Beirut on November 28-30, featured speakers that are former or current members of the Hamas and PFLP terrorist organizations. The event was originally co-sponsored by the Heinrich Boll Stiftung but after the terrorist links of many of the speakers were publicized, the Foundation withdrew its sponsorship.

Mahmoud Jiddah

In October 2019, Addameer’s website listed Mahmoud Jiddah as a board memberJiddah also serves as a board member at Defense for Children International – Palestine (DCI-P) in 2012 – 2016. A May 13, 2017 picture taken at a meeting of the DCI-P General Assembly shows Jiddah standing next to DCI-P’s General Assembly President Nassar Ibrahim, indicating his ongoing affiliation with DCI-P.

  • Jiddah was imprisoned by Israel for 17 years for carrying out grenade attacks against Israeli civilians in Jerusalem in 1968. He was released in 1985 in a prisoner swap. A February 2017 Al Jazeera article furthers that Jiddah was arrested in 1968 for joining the front and carrying out terrorist attacks in Jerusalem, Hebron, and Tel Aviv.
  • According to news reports, following a 2016 meeting with Jiddah, Didier Ortiz, then a Green Party candidate for the Fort Lauderdale City Council, posted an Instagram photo of Jiddah citing the latter’s PFLP affiliation.
  • An April 2017 article in Arabic language media notes that Jiddah is “of the PFLP cadres” and that he spent his last twenty years serving different periods of time in jail.
  • A March 2006 article in Arabic language media notes that Jiddah was arrested and refers to him as a PFLP official.

Bashir Al-Khairi

In October 2019, Addameer’s website listed Bashir Al-Khairi as a board member. He was also the president of the PFLP-tied Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) board until 2011. Al-Khairi appeared on the PFLP list for the scheduled May 2021 Palestinian Legislative Elections, which were postponed indefinitely.

  • In August 2014, according to the PFLP, al-Khairi stressed that the “approach of resistance and liberation in the life of Comrade Abu Ali Mustafa is still firmly in the mind of every free Palestinian” at a PFLP event commemorating the “13th Anniversary of Martyrdom of its Secretary General Abu Ali Mustafa.” At the event, Al-Khairi stated that “the time has come to recognize those who contributed to the steadfastness of Gaza in its war against the Zionist enemy, namely Iran, Syria, and Lebanon, headed by Hezbollah.”
  • In statements in 2012 and 2014, the PFLP referred to Al-Khairi as an “historic leader,” a “comrade,” and a “leader.”
  • According to a 2013 AusAID document, Bashir al Khairi was “convicted of terrorist offences in 1969 and gaoled for 15 years.” 
  • According to Arabic media, Al-Khairi was arrested by the IDF along with other PFLP members in October 2010. The article refers to Al-Khairi as being a member of the PFLP’s National Council.
  • Khairi was arrested in 2010 and 2011. According to an article in Arabic language media, in 2010, Al-Khairi was arrested by the IDF along with other PFLP members. The article refers to him as being a member of the PFLP’s National Council.
  • According to a 2002 CNN article, Khairi was the head of the PFLP political bureau.

From Left to Right: Youssef Katalo, the mural’s artist; Abdul Rahim Mallouh, former PFLP Deputy secretary-general; Bashir Al-Khairi; Archbishop Atallah Hanna; Abla Sa’adat, the wife of the PFLP General Secretary Ahmed Saadat; Khalida Jarrar, senior PFLP official and former Addameer Vice President; Mohammed Kana’aneh, “leader of the Abna’a el-Balad Movement in occupied Palestine 1948.” Source: PFLP, “PFLP in Beit Sahour Unveils Mural Commemorating al-Hakim,” May 4, 2014:

Hasan Safadi

In October 2019, Addameer’s website listed Hasan Safadi as Arabic Media and Communications Officer.

  • According to Addameer, Safadi was detained by Israel on May 1, 2016 after returning from Tunisia and was placed in administrative detention on June 10, 2016. Addameer adds that the “public prosecution claimed that Safadi is affiliated with an illegal organization and has visited an enemy state (Lebanon) more than one time. It also claimed that he has illegal activities without specifying the details of these activities, in addition to claiming that he is affiliated with other detainees without identifying the names of these detainees.”
  • Amnesty International confirms that Safadi was “detained since 10 June 2016.” 
  • According to Front Line Defenders, on October 26, 2016, Safadi was sentenced to three months and one day imprisonment for visiting Lebanon.

Yousef Habash

In October 2019, Addameer’s website listed Yousef Habash as a board member. He is similarly referred to as an Addameer “member” in a May 2018 article published by the French NGO UJFP.

  • Israel prevented Habash from leaving the West Bank in 2011-2012. According to Addameer, Israel prevented Habash from leaving the West Bank twice in 2011.
  • A 2011 BDS National Committee statement includes him as a member of the group.
  • According to the PFLP, Habash participated in the “World Social Forum” in Tunisia in March 2015 and is a member of the “Forum’s international coordinating committee and a representative of the Palestinian national committee for the Forum.”3
  • Habash is apparently the nephew of PFLP founder George Habash.
  • In 2001, an article posted on the Palestinian NGO Miftah’s website, written by the Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO), includes Habash in a list of “PFLP members (or ex-associates of the PFLP)” [sic] arrested by the PA Palestinian National Authority following the 2001 assassination of the Israeli Minister Rehavam Ze’evi by the PFLP.
  • Habash was also reportedly HWC’s “European representative,” until at least 2015.4
  • On December 11, 2020, Habash shared on Facebook a poster of PFLP Founder George Habash and a video honoring the PFLP’s establishment. Habash wrote, “On every anniversary of the establishment the promise of the idea is renewed….the establishment is not only an occasion but a confirmation of a path that started 52 years ago and continues to the heroes of Ein Bubin [referring to PFLP-planned Dolev bombing in which 17-year-old Rina Shnerb was murdered]…”
  • On August 1, 2020, Habash shared on Facebook Palestinian magazine Al-Hadaf’s cover page featuring George Habash and wrote, “Peace be upon your birthday. Peace be upon you and your spirit which hovers over Palestine from the river to the sea…it reaffirms, despite the betrayal and the failure, that the only way to Palestine is with the gun. We miss you, our doctor, father and teacher.”
  • On May 6, 2019, Habash shared on Facebook a picture of former PFLP political bureau member Rabah Muhanna, and wrote, “Today passed away the man who shaped in his work one of the pages of the national civilian and societal struggle. Abu Marwan [Muhanna’s alias] now joins his comrades and brothers…You will remain, and your work and donation will remain.”

Habash shared a picture of former PFLP political bureau member Rabah Muhanna and wrote a eulogy for him.

  • On January 26, 2018, Habash shared on Facebook a poster of George Habash and pictures showing his participation in the funeral of the latter. The poster quotes George Habash, “I swear by the orange of Jaffa and the memories of the refugees, we will hold accountable those who sold our land and those who bought us.” Habash wrote, “On the anniversary of the teacher’s passing…May your spirit have glory, we remain faithful to the promise, you represented Palestine with your personality…Your teachings and you remain within us as long as we live.”
  • On January 25, 2013, Habash shared on Facebook a video hailing PFLP leadership and wrote, “You remain within us. The heart of Palestine.”

Habash shared on Facebook a video hailing PFLP leadership

Mazen Abu Aoun

According to Addameer, Mazen Abu Aoun has been working as an attorney at Addameer since 2010.

  • According to Addameer, the PA arrested Abu Aoun on January 10, 2011 and on May 18, 2015.
  • In April 2011, Abu Aoun represented the PFLP terrorist Munzter Ahmad Muhammad Hamdi, who was charged with shooting and throwing explosives (see “The Military Court of Samaria, File No. 1411/10, April 7, 2011”).
  • According to the Palestinian news agency, Wafa, on January 28, 2008, Abu Aoun was placed in administrative detention by Israel.
  • On June 28, 2016, Abu Aoun posted on Facebook, “To make a long story short, normalization is betrayal whether it is Arab or foreign. What is worse than normalization are those who defend normalization and find justification for it…a traitor will find a thousand justifications for his betrayal, whatever they will be.”
  • On February 21, 2015, Abu Aoun posted on Facebook, “When an Iranian official appears and says we can destroy Tel-Aviv in ten minutes…your slogan ‘death to Israel’ is just that, slogans and empty words. Israel’s real enemy is the resistance in Gaza [Hamas] and it is the only one qualified to speak in the name of the resistance…”
  • On November 26, 2012, Abu Aoun shared on Facebook a post that consisted of a series of comments on various terrorist leaders, accompanied by their pictures: “The martyr Abd Al-Aziz Al-Rantisi [former leader of Hamas] carried the rifle and said ‘this is my dialogue with the Jews.’ The martyr Abu Ali Mustafa – ‘Whoever thinks that the time of the resistance has passed and, in its place, arrived the time of settlement is mistaken. As long as the occupation exists in its colonial and military form, resistance is a legitimate right of the Palestinian people.’ The martyr Abu Jihad Al-Wazir [Fatah’s co-founder and commander of its armed wing] – ‘No voice is louder than the voice of intifada…Listen: there is no appeasement with the occupation as long as it exists.’”

A series of quotes by Palestinian terrorist leaders shared by Mazen Abu Aoun (

Naser Abu Khdair

As of January 2020, Naser Abu Khdair is listed as an Addameer board member. Addameer’s 2011 Annual Report also lists Khdair as a board member. Naser Abu Khdair appeared on the PFLP list for the scheduled May 2021 Palestinian Legislative Elections, which were postponed indefinitely.

  • According to a January 2018 article published by Samidoun, “Abu Khdeir is a prominent leader in Jerusalem and has spent 15 years in Israeli prison. Most recently, he served five and a half years in Israeli prison for membership in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.”
  • Samidoun notes that Abu Khdair was “imprisoned from:
    • 17 October 1977 – 18 April 1978
    • 1 April 1981 – 10 March 1986
    • 16 October 1994 – 24 May 1995
    • 21 February 2001 – 17 June 2002
    • 14 December 2003 – 9 June 2004
    • 7 June 2005 – 16 March 2006
    • 15 April 2011 – 13 October 2016”
  • An October 2016 video exhibits a poster featuring Abu Khdair and the PFLP logo.
  • In an August 2018 article published by the PFLP, Abu Khudair is referred to as “an official at the PFLP.”
  • According to Arabic language media, Abu Khudair was badly injured in the early 80s while assembling an explosive device, which he planned to detonate near a “bus stop for soldiers in Jerusalem.”
  • As reported on the Arab48 website, the Shin Bet arrested Abu Khadair in 2011 for heading a terrorist group that planned to commit terrorist attacks and kidnap a soldier. Arab48 adds that he was the connecting link with PFLP leadership in Damascus and met with PFLP officials in Jordan in order to receive training and funds.

Mahmoud al Safadi

As of January 2020, Mahmoud al Safadi is listed as an Addameer board member. Addameer’s 2011 Annual Report also lists al Safadi as a board member.

  • According to a 2004 Arabic language media article, al Safadi is a member of the PFLP and was sentenced to 27 years imprisonment. The article notes that he was convicted in an Israeli court of carrying out guerrilla operations. According to the Goethe institute, he served 18 years in prison. 
  • On January 1, 2014, Al-Safadi posted on Facebook, “The fact that the PFLP has reaffirmed the election of the comrade Ahmed Sa’adat…means that the Front is still walking on the path of this commander, who is an extension of the doctor [PFLP founder George Habash’s alias] and Abu Ali Mustafa’s path, the path of resistance and upholding the national principles. Congratulations to the Front and our people for this reaffirmation.”
  • On September 29, 2019, Al-Safadi shared on Facebook a painting he made of prisoner uniforms on a cross and wrote, “Samer Arbid, they crucified you and did not know that you are the messiah who will rise above his wounds and bring victory to his people. May you have glory…”
  • On March 2, 2014, Al-Safadi posted on Facebook, “The assassination did not target Mu’ataz alone but the spirit of the resistance within us.”

Anas Barghouthi

Anas Barghouthi was an Addameer lawyer. Addameer notes that Barghouthi was a “lawyer at Addameer between 2009-2013, and is one of the first lawyers to defend political prisoners in Palestinian Authority prisons.”

  • Barghouthi was arrested in September 2013 and was subsequently charged with “membership of the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine” and “leadership of a committee to organize demonstrations.”
  • In February 2017, Barghouthi accepted a plea that includes “a 7,000-shekel ($1,892) fine, as well as a suspended sentence of 18 months in prison if Barghouthi is found to be involved with PFLP in the coming five years.

Concerning Imagery and Rhetoric

Numerous Addameer staff members have celebrated convicted terrorists, posted violent images, and made antisemitic comments on social media. (Read NGO Monitor’s report “Addameer Employees’ Violent Social Media Accounts”)

Mohannad Karajah

Mohannad Karajah worked as an attorney at Addameer from June 2014 to June 2019.

  • Karajah has expressed his support for the PFLP on multiple occasions.
  • On May 30, 2017, Karajah posted on Facebook a lengthy text glorifying the 1972 Lod Airport massacre. Karajah wrote, “Due to the great honor of this Japanese Palestinian international revolutionary, the PFLP held a warm welcome for Kozo Okamoto in the Lebanese Beqaa region and they lifted him on their shoulders.” On May 30, 2015, Karajah shared another picture of Okamoto with the same post.
    • Okamoto, along with two others, was hired and trained by the PFLP to commit the Lod Airport Massacre, in which his group killed 26 people and injured 80 others.
  • In December 2015, Karajah shared on Facebook a number of pictures from a PFLP march in Saffa, west of Ramallah, and wrote, “This picture from the PFLP’s 48th anniversary of its establishment in Saffa. We asked to publish it and it was not enabled until now.”

PFLP march in Saffa village in December 2015

  • On December 8, 2014, Karajah shared on Facebook an article of Fateh Media and wrote, “This article accuses the Jerusalem operation carried out by comrades Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal of not being ‘heroic’. How can a resistance movement as Fatah publish this defeatist article on its website…how can it publish an article which assassinates once again the martyrs and turns every word in it to a bullet aimed at the resistance…”
  • On October 18, 2014, Karajah shared on Facebook a picture of Hasan Karajah and a picture of PFLP supporters carrying PFLP flags. Karajah wrote, “My brother Hasan…my comrades, my friends, I wish I could be with you when the hero Hasan is welcomed, I would have liked to carry you Hasan on my shoulder…Hasan, tomorrow in the Tunisian capital I will call with you all to free you and the fighting comrades.”
    • Hasan is Mohannad’s brother, who was arrested several times during 2013-2020 for “security offenses” and for “endangering the region.” According to the IDF Spokesman as quoted in a July 2016 Sicha Mekomit article, “Hasan was arrested due to his activity in the PFLP, which poses a real and grave security risk according to intelligence information.” On October 19, 2014, Palestine Today reported that Hasan Karajah was arrested in January 2013 after facing several charges, among them communicating with Hezbollah, a designated terrorist organization by the USCanada and Israel.

On the left: PFLP rally; On the right: Hasan Karajah, arrested multiple times for his security offenses and his links to terrorist organizations as the PFLP and Hezbollah (Source)

  • On August 20, 2014, Karajah shared on Facebook an official PFLP video published by Quds News Network. Karajah wrote, “Long live Palestine. Long live the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades [PFLP’s armed wing]. Long live Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. My friends in Palestine and the world, this is the Front’s promise to you and your peoples.” In the video, PFLP states that “…our battle with the occupation will not cease until it is eliminated…until full liberation…death to the Zionist occupiers and victory to our people and brave resistance…”

An official PFLP video calling for the elimination of Israel and “death to the Zionist occupiers”

  • On July 25, 2014, Karajah shared on Facebook an official PFLP obituary notice of Hashem Abu Maria, and wrote, “This is the comrades’ promise to us, this is the Front leadership’s promise to us, that they will be the first in bullets and the first in Intifada. #The_Martyr_Hashem_Abu_Maria.”
    • In July 2014, Abu Maria was killed during a violent confrontation in Beit Ummar. Following his death, he was hailed by the PFLP, which issued an official mourning announcement, as a “leader.”

An official PFLP obituary notice of one of its members Hashem Abu Maria

  • On July 3, 2014, Karajah wrote on Facebook, “At this point in time we recall that on the anniversary of [PFLP Secretary General] Abu Ali [Mustafa]’s martyrdom, comrade [PFLP Secretary General] Ahmed Sa’adat said, ‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a head for a head.’ After a few days the Front assassinated the Zionist minister Rehavam Ze’evi and thus our motto with the Zionists is an eye for an eye.”
  • On May 31, 2019, Karajah shared on Facebook a picture of Yusouf Sehwail, who was shot dead after stabbing two Israelis in Jerusalem. Karajah called Sehwail a martyr hero and congratulated his family for “this honor and this path, the path of martyrs.”
  • On March 6, 2019, Karajah shared on Facebook pictures of Basel Al-A’araj, who was allegedly part of a terrorist cell planning to carry out attacks on Israeli targets and was killed by Israeli forces after opening fire on them. Karajah wrote, “on the anniversary 3/6/2017, this morning, the martyr Basel Al-A’araj died as a martyr with a book and a rifle…this pharmacist youth died while refusing to surrender and charting a new path on which the martyrs following him will walk…”
  • On January 8, 2019, Karajah shared on Facebook pictures of and hailed Suleiman Khater, an Egyptian police cadet who gunned down seven Israeli tourists in the Ras Burqa massacre on October 5, 1985. Karajah wrote, “Sleep peacefully with Allah’s blessings Suleiman…25 years to your pure body’s passing and still you are within us with your bravery and daring, you are still with us in your spirit and strength which we all miss…”
  • On August 23, 2018, Karajah shared on Facebook a picture of Hani Al-Majdalawi, who fired at Israeli forces on August 20, 2018, while trying to infiltrate Israel from Gaza near Zikim. Karajah told Majdalawi’s life story, describing the latter as a “martyr” and a “hero” several times. Karajah wished that “God will have mercy upon you and receive you with the rest of the martyrs. May your spirit have peace Majdalawi.”
  • On June 23, 2017, Karajah wrote on Facebook, “The hideous crime that [the] Jenin municipality committed against the nation and the martyrs by removing the martyr Khaled Nazzal’s gravestone is a dangerous precedent. This issue does not hurt the Democratic Front [alone], but hurts any patriot and the martyr’s family and is even a disavowal of our martyrs’ sacrifices and their families’ cries. This municipal council must be removed from office now. #No_for_covering# No_for_covering_the_martyrs” (emphasis added).
    • Khaled Nazzal planned the 1974 Maalot massacre in which Palestinian terrorists murdered 22 school children and 4 adults.
  • On October 5, 2015, Karajah called the 2015 shooting attack in which Hamas members killed Eitam and Naama Henkin aheroic operation.
  • On March 2, 2015, Karajah wrote on Facebook, “There is no doubt that the Egyptian court’s decision to designate Hamas as a terrorist organization is a wrong political decision that commits a hideous crime against the resistance movements, and first and foremost Hamas…” Hamas is a designated terrorist organization by the USEUCanada, and Israel.
  • On August 17, 2014, Karajah shared a video of the Guardians of Al-Aqsa Brigades and wrote, “Whoever doubts the resistance is a traitor. Long live the resistance and all its brigades, regardless of their political orientations and religious beliefs. #Guardians_of_Al-Aqsa_Brigades.” In the video the Guardians of Al-Aqsa Brigades threaten to retaliate with force against any Israeli attack against them.
  • On July 9, 2014, Karajah shared on Facebook an official poster of Hamas’ frogman unit, stating, “A martyr entrusts the next martyr.” The poster identifies the man encircled in red as Bashar Ziad Abed Ahmed, the commander of the Hamas infiltration operation of Zikim beach. Karajah wrote, “ʻWhat is important is not that one of us dies, but that others continue – [PFLP spokesperson and member of its Political Bureau]’ Ghassan Kanafani. The picture of the hero martyr Bashar Ahmed, the hero of the Zikim and commander of the commando frogman unit. #Gaza_resistance #Martyr_Bashar_Ahmed.”
  • On June 26, 2014, Karajah shared on Facebook an official DFLP video published by Quds News Network, and wrote, “Long live the national resistance brigades, the military wing of the DFLP.” In the video, DFLP call for an armed resistance, intifada and the end of the security coordination between the Israel and the PA.

Ziad Suhweil

Ziad Suhweil has held the position of administrative and financial unit coordinator at Addameer since 2011.

  • On July 30, 2019, Suhweil shared on Facebook an official Addameer poster listing nine Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike, among them Mustafa Hassanat, Huthaifa Halabiya, and Mohammed Abu Akker. Suhweil wrote, “Glory is made by heroes and freedom has its leaders. May the occupation and its prisons be gone. #May_Administrative_Detention_fall.”
    • On August 6, 2019, the PFLP referred to Hassanat, Halabiya and Abu Akker as “comrades.” The PFLP reported that PFLP leadership was able to withdraw the decision to extend the arrest of Hassanat and Abu Akker.
  • On February 22, 2017, Suhweil sharedon Facebook a picture of Nael Barghouti, who served over 30 years in Israeli prison for stabbing bus driver Moti Yakuel to death in 1978. Suhweil wrote: “Abu Nour [Barghouti’s alias], I see the truth as a hammer you wield in your hands…I know that the nation is a plough you manufactured with the enduring strength of your lifetime, and that the difference between those who pledged, but submitted and betrayed and those who chiseled liberty with the enduring strength of titans…is clear and obvious. Commander Nael Barghouti…you have not been defeated and never will.”
  • On October 13, 2015, Suhweil shared on Facebook a picture of Ahmed Mansara after being shot. Mansara was sentenced to nine years in prison for taking part in two stabbing attacks in 2015. Suhweil quoted the poet Muthaffar Al-Nawab, “Despite your scream, your voice was sweet. All birds are slaughtered while singing.”
  • On July 12, 2014, Suhweil posted on Facebook, “The historic moments which our people live through as a result of the resistance in Gaza [Hamas] are moments full of power and honor, all the Palestinians regard the resistance and its heroic work on the path of victory and liberation of Palestine in its entirety as sacred…the security coordination is betrayal and is not sacred to us. The Palestinian intifadas are the choice of a people that strives for liberty in honor and bravery…Gaza’s rockets…the work of those participating in the intifada from the inner area, Jerusalem and the [west] bank is the work of freemen…#Palestine backs the resistance#” (emphases added).
  • On August 20, 2012, Suhweil shared on Facebook a post with a poster of Ahmed Daqamseh’s mother holding Daqamseh’s picture, which reads, “Oh mother, do not cry for your son is a Jordanian hero in word and deed. Oh mother, do not be sad, we are the branch and you are the root. Ahmed Daqamseh’s mother.” Suhweil wrote, “Ahmed Daqamseh, an Arab Jordanian hero. Thanks to the belly that carried you.”
    • In March 1997, Daqamseh perpetrated the Island of Peace Massacre, opening fire with an automatic weapon at Israeli schoolgirls on a trip to the Jordan-Israel border, killing seven of them and wounding five others and a teacher.

Suhweil praising Ahmed Daqamseh who committed the Island of Peace Massacre.

  • On January 29, 2016, Suhweil shared on Facebook a picture of seven excavators of a Hamas terror-tunnel who died when the tunnel collapsed on them. Suhweil quoted the Palestinian poet Ibrahim Tuqan, “Do not cry because of his [lack of] well-being, his spirit is above his comfort. His suit is what interests him, the shroud is more [important] than the pillow.” Suhweil added, “What is important is that you continue. #Glory_to_the_martyrs.”

Suhweil shared a picture of and praised seven dead Hamas terror-tunnel excavators

  • On July 14, 2015, Suhweil shared Addameer’s post on Facebook regarding Senior Leader of the PIJ Khader Adnan with the latter’s picture. Suhweil wrote, “Khader Adnan is a free role model and a figure respected in a time when freemen have bravery.”
  • On September 24, 2013, Suhweil shared on Facebook a picture from a protest to release Palestinian prisoners and wrote, “Prisoner colleagues, Ayman Nasser, Anas Barghouti, Samer Arbid. Freedom to you and to the freedom prisoners.”
    • Nasser is the former coordinator of Addameer’s legal unit. On July 29, 2019, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled on Nasser’s administrative detention. It found that he had engaged in “organizational activity in the context of the Popular Front,” which was “significant and dangerous, along with additional Popular Front [for the Liberation of Palestine] members.” [On file with NGO Monitor.]
    • Barghouti was an Addameer lawyer who was arrested in September 2013and was subsequently charged with “membership in the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine” and “leadership of a committee to organize demonstrations.”
    • Addameer listed Arbid as an accountant for several years. Arbid was placed several times in administrative detention since 2007. According to Israeli security officials, on August 23, 2019, Arbid commanded a PFLP terror cell that carried out a bombing against Israeli civilians, murdering 17-year old Rina Shnerb, and injuring her father and brother. According to the indictment, Arbid prepared and detonated the explosive device.
  • On October 20, 2011, Suhweil shared on Facebook an article by Walid Daqqa and wrote, “Congratulations to the hero Walid Daqqa and thank you for this spirit and high morale…My comrade, we learn from your endurance and persistence. We take pride that you are our father and uncle. May you and all the prisoners have glory…”
    • Daqqa, a member of the PFLP, was sentenced in 1987 to life in prison for the kidnapping and murder of Israeli soldier Moshe Tamam.

Ehteram Ghazawneh

According to Addameer, Ehteram Ghazawneh has been working as the research and documentation unit coordinator at Addameer since 2011. According to an October 12, 2021, Al-Araby article, Ghazawneh held the role of “head of the [research and] documentation unit at Addameer”. According to Arabic-language media sources, in 2010, Ghazawneh held the role of head of the “women prisoners support program” at Addameer.

  • On March 8, 2020, Ghazawneh shared on Facebook a picture of Amal Takatka and detailed the story of her arrest. Ghazawneh wrote, “Amal [Arabic for hope], her name carries what we all wish for the women prisoners, hope for a fast freedom and a necessary victory. On International Women’s Day, salutations to the women prisoners who [themselves] outline the most magnificent role models and embody the ideal Palestinian woman in their steadfastness and opposition to the prison officials’ oppression.”
    • Takatka was arrested by Israeli forces on December 1, 2014, after she attempted to stab an Israeli citizen at the Gush Etzion junction.
  • On July 22, 2016, Ghazawneh shared on Facebook a post with a poster calling for “freedom for the prisoner hero Bilal Kaid,” and wrote, “On the anniversary of the assassination of the artist Naji Al-Ali, may the prisoner fighter Bilal Kaid have freedom. #Naji_Al-Ali #Freedom_for_Bilal_Kaid.”
  • On March 8, 2014, Ghazawneh posted on Facebook, “To every Palestinian woman in the world, to the farmer, hard-working laborer and employee, to the martyr’s mother, the prisoner’s mother and the women prisoners, to the martyr Mu’ataz Washha, to all of you, long live the Palestinian woman, as a symbol for the fight and struggle and a stage for opposition and steadfastness” (emphasis added).
  • On August 10, 2020, Quds News Network quoted Ghazawneh as saying, “Medical neglect is a systematic policy for the Israeli occupation. Not only does it cause health deterioration to prisoners who are already sick, but it often causes healthy prisoners to fall sick because of unhealthy detention conditions…The Israeli court decision to reject physical distancing of prisoners is in itself a new form of medical neglect… the occupation uses the prisoners’ health conditions as a tool to psychologically torture them and their families. It’s a means of revenge, and as a collective punishment, it’s a war crime too.”
  • In a March 2020 interview to the Electronic Intifada, Ghazawneh said, “The Israeli Prison Service (IPS) has adopted a ‘policy of deliberate medical neglect against prisoners and detainees.’”

Sumoud Sa’adat

Sumoud Sa’adat has held the position of field researcher at Addameer since April 2016. Previously, Sa’adat held the position of documentation officer from July 2015. She began working at Addameer in 2011 as a research assistant. Sumoud is the daughter of PFLP Secretary General Ahmed Sa’adat.

  • On October 5, 2016, the PFLP’s official website published an article by Sa’adat and referred to her as a “comrade.”
  • On February 23, 2021, Sa’adat shared on Facebook a picture of her father, Ahmed Sa’adat, and wrote, “…Good morning Abu Ghassan [Sa’adat’s alias], good morning our stubborn and firm bright flame…you are 68 years old and still capable of giving and sacrificing the long years of your life in prison for your people and for human liberty which you believe in. May you be free despite the shackles and the prison guards. May you be the lighthouse which guides us. We love you so much our role model…”

Sumoud Sa’adat shared a picture of her father and PFLP Secretary General Ahmed Sa’adat praising him

  • On November 10, 2020, Sa’adat shared on Facebook a picture of Kamal Abu Waer and hailed him, “…The martyr prisoner Kamal Abu Waer, may you have glory.”
    • Kamal Abu Waer served multiple life sentences for his role in several terror attacks against Israeli civilians during the Second Intifada, as a member of the Tanzim, an armed branch of the Palestinian Fatah movement.
  • On August 20, 2020, Sa’adat shared On Facebook an official PFLP poster of Muhammad Sa’adat, a PFLP member and brother of Ahmed Sa’adat, who was killed in an exchange of fire with Israeli forces. Sa’adat wrote, “Your passing is still worse than painful. 18 years have passed and you are still ever present, may your spirit have glory and peace…” The poster reads “The PFLP mourns its martyr fighter Muhammad Sa’adat. May you have glory and our loyalty.”
  • On June 7, 2020, Sa’adat shared on Facebook a poster of former PIJ Secretary General Ramadan Shalah, and wrote, “Mercy and glory to your spirit, may your firm mind have eternal life.” The poster calls Shalah “the national commander.”
  • On October 17, 2016, Al-Quds News published an article by Sa’adat titled “October 17, a unique symbol in the resistance’s history,” in which Sa’adat glorifies the PFLP’s assassination of Israel’s Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze’evi that took place on October 17, 2001. In the article, Sa’adat calls the assassination “a heroic operation” and says that “before all else, we must send our proud and loyal congratulations to the minds and forearms of the knights that carried out the judgment of the Palestinian people.”

Funding to Addameer

GermanyHeinrich Böll Foundation2016N/A
Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, and the NetherlandsHuman Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat2014-2017$498,700
SwitzerlandSwiss Agency for Development and Cooperation2020CHF 135,763
2019CHF 139,347
2018CHF 118,280
NorwayNorwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs2016-2015NOK 1,800,000
SpainBasque Government2019-2021€799,362
SODePAZ via Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa2016-2018€81,248
Municipality of Barcelone2017€162,712
Autonomous community of Navarre2020€120,000
Municipality of Vitoria-Gasteiz2016-2017€68,332
Municipality of Rivas-Vaciamadrid2016€22,630
Municipality of San Sebastián2020-2022€48,477

Appendix 1: PFLP Website Links to Addameer

Screenshot of PFLP website in English, which links to Addameer’s website and to the sites of other organizations with suspected PFLP ties (November 5, 2015):