NGO Monitor has analyzed the NIF’s 2017 financial reports (latest available), detailing grants to a wide variety of Israeli non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This analysis focuses specifically on 20% of the NIF’s funding that is distributed to 30 political advocacy NGOs claiming to promote human rights.

In analyzing NIF’s financial documents, NGO Monitor found that:

  • 2017 expenses were $31 million, approximately the same as in 2016. Total revenue was $29 million, a 3.5% increase from 2016 ($28 million).
  • Total authorized grants to all NGOs was approximately $13.6 million in 2017, approximately the same as in 2016 (See Table 1).
  • The amounts listed in the annual financial statements comprise both “core grants” made directly by the NIF and “donor advised” grants. NIF details the division between these two funding formats in a separate online report.

Table 1: Overview of NIF Finances 2014-2017

Total Expenses30,304,73330,785,90830,976,64031,057,804
Total Revenue29,231,84628,139,39733,062,78329,773,903
Grants Authorized13,626,81613,541,42713,851,61414,714,216
Grants Paid14,903,61613,582,49214,519,75914,334,677

Key Findings

  • The NIF continues to fund a number of NGOs involved in political activities related to the Arab-Israeli conflict, as documented by NGO Monitor.
  • In 2017, the NIF authorized $3 million in grants to 30 political advocacy groups (that have previously been analyzed by NGO Monitor). This represents an 8% increase in funding to these types of organizations (See Table 2). In addition, in 2017, the NIF provided funding to a new grantee – Akevot.
  • As of 2015, it appears that NIF no longer funds Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement and Baladna.
  • NIF increased its grants to Zazim, +972 Magazine, Hamoked, and Hakal.
  • It is unclear if these changes in annual grants to individual NGOs reflect a policy change, or a pattern of bi-annual and multi-annual grants.

Table 2: Multiyear Review of Authorized Grants to Political NGOs (2011 – 2017, USD)

Breaking the Silence359,219438,766104,304138,88283,99385,115120,947
Combatants for Peace21,18022,86220,2435,000---
Emek Shaveh31,27520,35040,350400---
Gisha: Legal Center for the Protection of Freedom of Movement37,8036,68729,15044,49122,77130,80856,165
HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual83,3751,30037,45031,40014,800175,250101,481
Haqel: Jews and Arabs in Defense of Human Rights140,97278,375-----
Human Rights Defenders Fund (HRDF)175,98421,7695199,00091,30075,92032,365224,340
Ir Amim178,334180,498105,587146,97895,131279,23589,058
Molad: The Center for the Renewal of Democracy68,857101,196417,69461,6000736,000435,000-
Naboth's Vineyard12,61040,902-----
Negev Coexistence Forum73,40661,67249,88869,86149,33945,53239,466
Nine Seven Two: Advancement of Citizen Journalism127,53117,33238,11754,12031,37884,38910,000
Parents' Circle: Bereaved Parents73,4064,97216,9022,80714,22500
Physicians for Human Rights - Israel86,894102,90691,679185,26271,380166,464161,864
Rabbis for Human Rights42,775107,648296,420243,464295,493271,14328,927
Reut Sadaka Jewish-Arab Youth Movement11,0506,84438,43027,56413,6917,91024,203
SISO - Save Israel. Stop the Occupation.101,242120,100-----
Social TV8,0702,000-4,00039,00025,00037,400
Solidarity Sheikh Jarah----15,00013,9617,910-
Terrestrial Jerusalem20,000-10,00020,000---
The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel38,45036,00041,6435,0151,67066,58228,000
Women's Fund for Human Rights (Machsom Watch)129,39787,077243,53569,968118,78832,27028,781
Yesh Din176,214121,87174,74051,23650,06336,37149,550
Zazim - Community Action314,022182,013-----