Akevot – The Institute for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Research


Founded2013; located in Tel Aviv.
RegistrationOriginally registered under the name “the Occupation Archives”; the name was changed in February 2015.
In their own wordsDescribes itself as “a center for documentation, research and promotion of human rights within the context of the [Arab-Israeli] conflict.”



  • Claims to “investigate the mechanisms, actions and the policies that lead to the violations of human rights in the conflict and also address incidents whose narratives and collective memories play a role in the perpetuation of the conflict.”
  • Akevot appears to be an offshoot of two political advocacy Israeli NGOs: Yesh Din and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-I), which are highly active in political warfare campaigns against Israel in the international arena.
  • The NGO’s website features a report alleging that there are various impediments to archival access in Israel and claiming that “government archives in Israel often take actions to withhold records on state-perpetrated human rights violations.”

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