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In their own words“Main objective is to assist Palestinians of the Occupied Territories whose rights are violated due to Israel's policies.”



  • Political Advocacy: Regularly petitions the High Court of Justice and makes inaccurate and inflammatory allegations of Israeli “apartheid,” “deportations,” “torture,” and “forcible transfers.”
  • Accuses Israel of “collective punishment” and the “ghetto-ization of the West Bank” (translated from the original Hebrew).
  • In September 2017, Jessica Montell became the Executive Director of Hamoked.
    • Montell is the former Director of B’Tselem and SISO: Save Israel, Stop the Occupation.
    • Montell has said: “I think the word apartheid is useful for mobilizing people because of its emotional power. In some cases, the situation in the West Bank is worse than apartheid in South Africa.”
  • Submitted a written statement to the Goldstone Commission, together with other Israeli NGOs, that failed to address alleged war crimes by Hamas, “but rather offers our own distinct perspective – human rights violations for which Israel must be held accountable.” The NGOs make the unsupported claim that “[t]o the extent that this was planned as a punitive operation which main purpose was not the achievement of actual military objectives, but the inflicting of deliberate damage as a deterrent and punitive measure.”
  • Court Watch” section of website “examines Israeli court decisions on issues relating to the occupation” and issues petitions addressing “the measures taken by Israel to control the OPT and manage the life of the protected population – restrictions on freedom of movement, violations of the right to family life, house demolitions, the settlements, the use of administrative detention, torture, and more.”
  • Publishes “Case Summaries” that aim to “illustrate the mechanisms of the occupation” by “provid[ing] administrative and legal assistance to Palestinian individuals, who have been directly harmed by the injustices of the Israeli occupation.”
  • Published an Online Legal Library (in “co-operation with Diakonia”) which included documents providing a distorted view or incorrect analysis of international law in order to criminalize Israeli actions, such as the false claim that “phosphorous and cluster bombs” are “illegal weapons prohibited by International Humanitarian Law.”
  • Issued a 2013 report claiming to expose “the destructive bureaucratic mechanism which governs the daily lives of Palestinians under the permit regime inside the ‘seam zone,’” referring to “the areas of the West Bank trapped between the separation wall and the Green Line.”
  • In a 2009 petition about the security barrier, HaMoked wrote that that the case constituted “apartheid” and claimed that “there is no difference between the regime at issue in this petition…and the racial segregation regime in the southern states of the USA in the first half of the 20th century” (translated from the original Hebrew).
  • In 2006, Israel’s State Prosecutor concluded that HaMoked’s “self-presentation as ‘a human rights organization’ has no basis in reality and is designed to mislead.”

Partial list of foreign donations (amounts in NIS)

2013-2014 amounts based on NGO annual financial reports; 2015-2018 amounts based on financial reports submitted to the Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits.

Norway 126,780549,720687,128825,750887,573
Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) 383,8301,662,3562,001,739453,7911,636,2851,072,298
Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat (joint funding from Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands)1,674,6761,523,629184,702862,254609,697
European Union579,493605,615
Finland 78,542129,129143,188
CCFD (France)92,457129,706
Misereor (Germany) 206,064732,638
Trocaire (Ireland) 159,3957,084
Oxfam-Novib (Netherlands)226,079367,082360,338
AECID (Spain) 606,000281,169189,905
UN OCHA133,710132,949

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