On October 13, 2014, the British Parliament will hold a symbolic, non-binding vote on whether the UK should recognize the State of Palestine, even in the absence of a negotiated peace agreement with Israel. The Board of Deputies of British Jews, pro-Israel MPs, and Members of Knesset from the Labor Party warned that such unilateral actions would hamper prospects for peace in the region.

In response, “363 Israeli public figures,” many connected to the New Israel Fund (NIF), “have signed a letter to the Members of the British Parliament, calling upon them to vote in favor of British recognition of a Palestinian State.”

Known signatories include:

Goldblum and Baruch, as well as Alon Liel (another initiator of this letter), were also responsible for the October 2012 “push” poll, which used faulty and manipulative methodology to falsely allege that Israelis would support apartheid in Israel.