Founded in 1999, PalVision “arose as a response to an urgent need for Palestinian youth to have an outlet through which to express themselves and their desire to build a strong and healthy Palestinian society.”

PalVision’s board members, officials, and employees have justified and glorified violence against Israeli civilians and praised individual terrorists and terrorist attacks.  Additionally, they have employed antisemitic and “anti-normalization” rhetoric in their public statements.


PalVision receives generous funding from foreign governments, including the EU, despite praise for violence and the explicit rejection of anti-terror guidelines by its executive director.

According to its 2019 annual report, PalVision is also supported by, Germany (GiZ), Konrad Adenaeur Stiftung (Germany), HEKS-EPER (Switzerland), Ta’awon, UNICEF, UNDP, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), DanChurch Aid, (Denmark), Diakonia (Sweden), and the Islamic Development Bank.

In 2019, the EU provided PalVision and the Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs (PASSIA) with approximately €1.2 million “to contribute to preserving the Palestinian character and cultural heritage of East Jerusalem (EJ).”  The primary strategic objective designated by the EU is “To protect Islamic and Christian Waqf religious and cultural heritage properties against Israeli violations and threats” (emphasis added). Contrived claims of Jewish and Israeli threats to the Al-Aqsa complex have long served to incite violence, including in recent years. Certain PalVision members themselves have repeated and insinuated this and similar positions.

Glorification of violence and terrorists

Farid Al-Atrash, board member1

Pictures from the celebrations on the release of PFLP activist Khaled Al-Farraj, attended by Al-Atrash. (Source: Al-Atrash’s Facebook profile.)

  • On August 10, 2017, following Israel’s arrest of PFLP member Badran Jaber, Al-Atrash called for his release, saying: “Freedom for the free comrade Badran Jaber… from the pillars of the PFLP, this free[dom] fighter.”
    • Jaber joined the terror group in 1967. According to his statement to Al-Hadaf News, he participated in the establishment and training of PFLP terror cells in Jordan.
  • On November 1, 2015, Al-Atrash uploaded a Facebook post praising Palestinian terrorist organizations: “From the inspirations of the intifada: A friend from the Palestinian People’s Party, his wife is from Fatah, he has a son from PFLP and another is from Hamas. My joy.”

Al-Atrash has also praised specific attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers:

Amer Daraghma, Project Coordinator4

PFLP’s obituary on Mazhar’s death, taken from the website of the Hadaf online newspaper.

A poster of suicide bomber Muhammad Daraghma, uploaded by PalVision project manager Amer Daraghma.

Waad Qannam, Secretary of the Board5

  • On February 9, 2019, Ma’an News published a video of Qannam speaking at a conference, where he praised “all forms of resistance” and promoted BDS, saying: “The idea of an economic boycott of the occupation products should be promoted as a daily culture for the Palestinian people. We must be… part of the boycott process, the political and economic isolation of the occupying power” (55:30).
  • On April 15, 2017, Qannam posted a picture in solidarity with Marwan Barghouti, convicted in 2004 for the murder of five Israelis. Qannam added: “Victory to leader Marwan Barghouti and all the heroes of our prisoner movement.”

A picture posted by Secretary of the Board, Waad Qannam in solidarity with Marwan Barghouti, convicted in 2004 for the murder of five Israelis, saying: “Victory to leader Marwan Barghouti and all the heroes of our prisoner movement.”

A picture of Abu Jihad and Yasser Arafat, uploaded by Qannam.

Omar Daraghma, board member6

Muntaha Abu Dayyeh, board member7

A poster glorifying PFLP founder George Habash, uploaded by PalVision board member, Muntaha Abu Dayyeh.

Khalil Issa, Advocacy and Lobbying officer8

A picture of PFLP terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, uploaded by PalVision “advocacy and lobbying officer,” Khalil Issa.

A picture of terrorist Bahaa’ Aliyan who murdered three Israeli civilians on a Jerusalem bus, as uploaded by Issa with the title “The hero Bahaa’ Aliyan.”

  • On May 21, 2008, Issa uploaded an antisemitic post to a Facebook group named for late PFLP member Khalil abu Khadija. Issa’s post referred to the “barbaric creed” of the Talmud and the “barbaric [Jewish] nation,” as well as fabricated sayings allegedly found in the Talmud, concerning an obligation to kill heretics, adding “the Jew must kill whomever he can, and if he doesn’t do that – he is breaking the law” (emphasis added).

Minas Rajabi, PR and fundraising director9

  • On October 13, 2015, Rajabi shared a Facebook post from “Quds Press” praising Bahaa’ Aliyan as “One of the perpetrators of the heroic operation on a settler bus in occupied Jerusalem.”

Basem Banishamsa, Education Program director10

Shireen Nammari, Project manager11

Rejection of European anti-terror regulations, antisemitism and support for BDS

Rami Naser Eddin, Executive Director12

Sofia Daibis, board member13

Daibis also works as a third secretary at the Palestinian Foreign Ministry.14

Dia Hamdan, board member15