• Website: www.diakonia.se
  • Founded in 1966 by five Swedish churches.
  • In 2008, Diakonia’s budget exceeded SEK 367 million (~$47.2 million), of which SEK 332 million came from the Swedish government’s International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), SEK 10.5 million from the EU, and SEK 5 million from Norway.
  • Diakonia projects, such as the “Supporting Civil Society Organisations in Palestine” and the “International Humanitarian Law” (IHL) program, promote the Palestinian narrative and anti-Israel “lawfare.” The IHL program’s “International Advisory Council” overwhelmingly consists of Palestinian activists, consultants to the PA, and anti-Zionist Jewish activists.
  • The IHL program exploits and misrepresents international law, and promotes an invented “right to resist” (meaning terrorism). The tendentious international law activities, including the Humanitarian Policy & Law Forum at Harvard University, receive more funding than any other program related to the region, and represent the only such political example in Diakonia’s worldwide activities.
  • Diakonia’s “Position Paper on Israel & Palestine” repeats the Palestinian position, including references to “continuing of the occupation,” the “building of the Wall,” and “the fragmentation of the Palestinian territory.”
  • Some of Diakonia’s activities in the Arab-Israeli conflict appear to be genuine and important humanitarian projects.
  • Diakonia also funds numerous highly politicized NGOs including the Alternative Information Center (AIC), Al Haq, Sabeel, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-I), Women’s Affairs Technical Committee, Al Mezan, Mossawa, Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network, HaMoked and B’Tselem.
  • Diakonia’s submission to the Goldstone-UN fact-finding inquiry on the Gaza conflict vilifies Israel and delegitimizes its right to defend itself against rocket attacks.

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