• The European Union (EU) provides substantial funding to highly politicized NGOs active in the Arab-Israeli conflict through various funding mechanisms, including: European delegations  in Tel Aviv and West Bank/Gaza Strip, European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), Partnership for Peace (PfP), the  Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO), and others.
  • NGO funding is a central component of EU foreign policy, which attempts to promote peace, cooperation and human rights.In contrast to these stated moral objectives, the EU funds a number of highly biased and politicized NGOs that exploit the rhetoric of human rights to promote anti-Israel BDS (boycotts, divestment, and sanctions) and lawfare campaigns, inflammatory rhetoric, and activities that oppose a two-state framework. 
  • Lack of transparency: The EU fails to abide by minimum standards of transparency and accountability. The selection process of project funding is secret. The EU does not reveal information about selection committee members or their considerations. Moreover, project evaluations are not released, making it impossible to independently verify that projects achieve their stated goals and reflect the foreign policy objectives of the EU. (In response to requests from NGO Monitor, the EC provided a disk of documents with most details deleted.) 
  • Additionally, NGOs and NGO projects are selected for EU funding by unknown officials in local EC offices. They may have close connections to the NGOs that receive funding, a clear conflict of interest, or may be guided by ideological considerations. Despite requests from Members of European Parliament (MEPs) and NGO Monitor, the names and backgrounds of the decision makers have not been released.
  • Limited funding information is available on the websites of the Delegation of the EU to Israel in Tel Aviv and the EU Technical Assistance Office in East Jerusalem. (See Table A below for available funding information.)1 
  • Funding Mechanisms: In 2014, EIDHR, one of the EU’s major financial assistance programs, had an annual budget of approximately €160 million, aimed at proving “support for the promotion of democracy and human rights in non-EU countries.”
    • NGO Monitor’s analysis of EIDHR funding in 2007-2010 (the most recent available comprehensive data) reveals that projects in Israel, projects in “Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT),” and projects that address Israel and the Palestinian territories jointly received more than €11 million – more than any other target country. As of September 1, 2015, information regarding the latest cycle of EIDHR funding had not been released.  
  • The EU’s Partnership for Peace program has an average annual budget ranging from between €5 and 10 million; the EU contribution per project range from between €100,000 and 500,000. 
    • NGO Monitor’s detailed reports illustrate that, through PfP, the EU has provided grants to numerous NGOs that reject cooperation and partnerships with Israelis, support BDS and other biased campaigns that exacerbate the conflict, and are even involved in violent demonstrations. Following our analyses, the Calls for Proposals changed significantly, including the addition of language stressing the importance of cooperation and ensuring that “actions must assess whether or not they may directly or indirectly lead to violence, even if they have been established for non-violent purposes” (emphasis added). 
  • In 2014, ECHO, the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department, provided €31.6 million to the West Bank and Gaza,  €23.5 million of which was allocated to Gaza. The vast majority of the funding is directed to unaccountable and non-transparent Palestinian governmental agencies.

1 Additional funding information is available based on Israeli NGO financial reports to the Israeli Registrar of Non Profits, as mandated by the Israeli transparency law; see Table B below for detailed funding information).


TABLE A: Grants based on information provided by various EU websites
NGO Funding and Years EU Funding Framework Project Title

€717,994 (2013-2016)



EU Delegation in Tel Aviv

Combating Impunity: Torture and CIDT Prevention, Accountability and Rehabilitation in Israel/oPt


Promoting and Protecting the Rights of the Arab Bedouin of the Naqab

B'Tselem and ACRI (partnership) €233,043 (2014-2015) EU Delegation in Tel Aviv Protecting and Advancing Palestinian Minors' Rights in the Military Justice System
B'Tselem €250,000 (2015-2017) EIDHR Maintaining Human Rights of Vulnerable Palestinian Communities at Risk of Forced Displacement in Area C
Arab Association for Human Rights €197,974 (2013-2015) EU Delegation in Tel Aviv Youth for Change
Baladna and Kayan €231,939 (2014-2016) EU Delegation in Tel Aviv Arab Youth Against "Honour Killings"
Bimkom €193,036 (2012-2015) EU Delegation in Tel Aviv Promoting Adequate Planning and Development of Recognized Bedouin Villages in the Israeli Negev
Bimkom and ACRI €250,000 (2014-2016) EU Delegation in Tel Aviv Promoting Recognition of Bedouin Villages based on their Rights, Needs and Active Participation
Comet-ME €486,913 (2014-2015) EU Delegation in Tel Aviv Provision of sustainable energy services to the communities of the South Hebron Hills in Area C of the West Bank
Hamoked €654,423 (2013-2016) EU Delegation in Tel Aviv Writing Wrongs: Restoring Justice and Dignity to Victims of Torture

€246,725 (2014-2015)

€400,000 (2011-2014)

EU Delegation in Tel Aviva

Strengthening Democratic Participation of the Arab Minority 

Investing in Palestinian culture in Israel and the oPT

Rabbis for Human Rights €197,000 (2012-2015) EU Delegation in Tel Aviv Legal Aid to Combat land takeovers and displacement of Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills, Hebron district and Bethlehem region
Yesh Din

€199,610 (2013-2014)

€180,000 (2014-2016)

EU Delegation in Tel Aviv


Standing Idly By: the duty to intervene as an integral part of the IDF's duty to protect Palestinians and their property in the West Bank

The Road to Dispossession:Promoting the right to property and State adherence to the Rule of Law in the West Bank

Applied to Research Institute- Jerusalem (ARIJ)

€471,542.58 (2014-2016)

€497,040 (2014-2016)

EU Delegation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Partnershipfor Peace

Addressing Israeli Actions and its Land Policies in the oPt
Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW)* and Civitas Institute €274,519 (2012-2014) EU Delegation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip CBO's and neighbourhood committees as social actors for development in the Gaza Middle District
Parents Circle Families Forum (PCFF) €479,555 (2014-2015) Partnership for Peace Across Two Narratives: The Israeli-Palestinian Parallel Narrative Experience
Oxfam Novib and Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) €411,861 (2014-2016) EIDHR Strengthening human rights and access to information
Movimiento Por la Paz, el Desarme y la Libertad and Health Work Committees €356,350.66 (2014-2016) EU Delegation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip Contributing to the protection and promotion of rights of PwDs ad to their enhanced participation in increasingly inclusive and accessible communities in Hebron district
Handicap International, National Society for Rehabilitation, and Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) €743,206.50 (2014-2017) EU Delegation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip Fostering multistakeholders mobilisation for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in their community in marginalized areas of oPt
Y-care and YMCA- East Jerusalm €491,083 (2012-2017) EU Delegation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip Empowering socially excluded young women in the oPt to become economically active and advocate for their rights with local decision-makers
Save the Children Denmark, Ma'an Development Center, and Save the Children International €599,568 (2012-2015) EU Delegation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip JORDAN VALLE [sic] YOUTH FOR CHANGE
OXFAM Italia Onlus, East Jerusalem YMCA, Associazione Vento Di Terra ONG and Palestinian Livestock Development Center €461,175 (2012-2013) EU Delegation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip Bedouin communities inJerusalem district: from isolation to better representativeness and socioeconomic empowerment 
CARE Osterreich and Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) €588,947 (2013-2014) EU Delegation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip SANAD: Women participation in community health development 
*On June 19, 2014, Israel’s Defense Minister declared IRW to be illegal, based on its alleged role in funneling money to Hamas, and banned it from operating in Israel and the West Bank. (Hamas is a designated terror organization by Israel, the U.S., EU, and Canada.)
TABLE B: Information based on quarterly reports submitted to the Israeli Registrar on Non-Profits (latest available; accessed September 6, 2015)
NGO Destructive Activities Funding (amounts in NIS) and Years EU Funding Framework
Adalah Rejects the legitimacy of the Jewish state, while attempting to portray it as inherently racist and discriminatory 

378,471 (2014)

1,146,862 (2013)

326,524 (2012)

European Commission
Alternative Information Center (AIC) Rejects the existence of a Jewish state; supports BDS

74,539 (2013)

77,038 (2012)

Papa Giovannia XXIII
B'Tselem Regularly contributes to the international delegitimization and demonization of Israel through politically motivated campaigns, characterized by repeated false or distorted factual and legal allegations, inaccurate research and skewed statistics; a B’Tselem researcher was recorded on video denying the Holocaust to an international journalist, but it is unknown whether any disciplinary action was taken.

1,072,038 (2015)

418,896 (2014)

383,966 (2013)

575,950 (2012)

European Commission
Breaking the Silence Highly active in the international demonization and delegitimization campaigns, promoting “war crimes” charges based on anonymous and unverifiable hearsay “testimonies” of low-level soldiers. Despite its claims to address Israeli society, BtS’ lobbying and media advocacy campaigns focus primarily on international audiences. 580,835 European Union
Bimkom Utilizes politicized language and distorted facts to attack Israeli policies, including the security barrier, while omitting the context of terror. 

486,531 (2015)

783,959 (2014)

286,941 (2013)

351,340 (2012)

European Union
Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP) Leader of boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaigns. CWP officials have participated in events in which they carried flags of the PFLP terrorist organization

152,046 (2014)

379,627 (2012)

European Commission
Gisha While claiming to promote the “right of Palestinians to freedom of movement,” Gisha advocates for the elimination of  restrictions on Hamas-controlled Gaza; erases or minimizes context of Palestinian terrorism and Israel’s right to self-defense

74,340 (2013)

387,542 (2012)

European Commission
Ir Amim Promotes the Palestinian narrative of victimization. Although it has been described as “work[ing] toward coexistence in Jerusalem,” an Ir Amim official was quoted as saying that the group was “seeking to advance a political agenda, and was not an organization geared to promote coexistence.”

138,000 (2014)

229,692 (2014)

European Endowment for Democracy

European Union

Mossawa Rejects Israel as a Jewish state and the “state symbols: for Jews only”; regularly makes accusations of “racism” and “discrimination.”

620,120 (2014)

1,944,333 (2013)

2,126,058 (2012)

European Union
Physicians for Human Rights- Israel (PHR-I) Under the guise of medical expertise, PHR-I promotes distorted and false narratives, aimed at demonizing Israel; erases the context of terrorism.

62,936 (2014)

34,387 (2013)

228,408 (2012)

European Union

European Commission

European Commission

Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) Regularly circulates unverifiable allegations of Israeli torture, using them as the basis for campaigns in international forums and Israeli courts.

74,340 (2015)

510,393 (2014)

419,795 (2013)

201,632 (2013)



European Commission


Parents Circle Families Forum (PCFF) Promotes a highly biased view of the conflict based on the Palestinian narrative of victimization and draws an immoral equivalence between terror victims and terrorists. 877.697 (2014) European Union
Rabbis for Human Rights Promotes a highly biased and politicized view of the conflict, based on the Palestinian narrative of victimization and Israeli aggression.  248,914 (2012) European Union
Yesh Din  Engages in advocacy campaigns, including briefings to foreign diplomats, and petitions the High Court of Justice to alter Israeli policy.

945,445 (2014)

68,290 (2013)

417,041 (2013)

1,305,305 (2012)

European Commission

European Commission

European Union

European Commission

Social TV Acts as a platform for promoting BDS, a Palestinian "right of return" and accusations that Israel is perpetrating a "Nakba" against the Palestinian population. 24,730 (2012) EMHRF



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