Habitat International Coalition (Cape Town, South Africa)


Country/TerritorySouth Africa
In their own words"an independent, international, nonprofit movement of some 400 organizations and individuals working to support campaigns for housing rights."



  • The highly politicized HIC MENA website disseminates thinly veiled anti-Israel propaganda, and does not include an “Israel” link under its “country” section. Reports and other materials pertaining to housing issues inside Israel are found in the “Palestine/Israel” section. Blatant anti-Israel articles appear in its news section and documents section, including an “historical overview” from the 2001 Durban Conference comparing the “legal mechanisms in Israel” to those of “the apartheid regime in South Africa,” and noting that such mechanisms “reflect the racism at the base of the state’s colonial ideology.”
  • The Ford Foundation is investigating HIC’s partisan and anti-Israel ideological agenda, to ensure that Ford funds no longer go to “groups that promote or condone bigotry or violence, or that challenge the very existence of legitimate, sovereign states like Israel.”


HIC’s 2014 annual report lists its “International Allies” as: Amnesty International, FIDH, Oxfam International, Russell Tribunal on Palestine, German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), and the UNDP

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