Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS)




  • Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS) is the foundation affiliated with the far-Left Die Linke party, which originated in East Germany based on a neo-Marxist ideology.
  • Office headquarters located in Berlin, with additional branches in Tel Aviv, Ramallah, and other international locations.


Staff members and affiliates

  • In a December 2017 interview conducted by RLS, RLS liaison lecturer Helga Baumgarten, describes the 2015 terror wave as “isolated Palestinian teenagers, almost children, who, in individual actions as a result of their desperation over their personal circumstances resorted to resistance in the form of stabbing attacks against Israeli soldiers and settlers” (emphasis added). In the same interview, Baumgarten argues that “a political demand that has become increasingly prevalent in Palestinian society in recent years could develop into the only seemingly feasible political strategy: ONE state in historical Palestine” (emphasis in original, NGO Monitor translation).
  • In a 2015 interview with Katja Hermann, at the time Head of the RLS Palestine Office and currently Head of the Middle East/Asia Unit, Hermann alleged that “The occupation, as well as the structural discrimination against the Palestinian minority in Israel, is backed by a political system that is based on racism. Children learn already in school that Palestinians are not equal human beings, this continues in the army, where they [Palestinians] become a security problem and a legitimate target. In this context of racism, the use of force against Palestinians is tolerated” (emphases added, NGO Monitor translation).
  • Tsafrir Cohen, head of RLS’ Israel office, is the former head of the “Israel & Palestine” office of German NGO Medico International (MI).
    • MI regularly funds highly politicized Israeli and Palestinian NGOs and has accused Israel of “internal and external land grab[s]” and the “erosion of democratic values,” describing the Israeli government as “blatantly racist.”
    • In a June 2017 interview Cohen stated that “Processes of colonization usually end through resistance of the colonized against the colonizers. We are not seeing this now… The Palestinians are tired after two uprisings… Then there is the Israeli public… There are many [in Israel] who profit financially from the occupation, and many whom it does not hurt financially. And then there’s international politics, It too is doing nothing in order to shift the cost-benefit-ratio so as to render an end to the occupation and a political solution a necessity” (emphasis added, NGO Monitor translation).
    • In a 2013 article in a German newspaper, Cohen openly advocated for the imposition of German sanctions on Israel. In a 2014 MI blog post titled “No to Blind Solidarity with Israel,” Cohen wrote that “Tel Aviv’s policies endanger Israeli as well as Palestinian society. Europe is obliged to intervene” (NGO Monitor translation).
  • Issa Rabadi, program manager at the RLS Ramallah office, has worked previously for BADIL and the Kanan Coalition Project.

Funding to Israeli and Palestinian NGOs

ZochrotNIS 79,685NIS 81,240
Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI)NIS 71,327
Combatants for PeaceNIS 38,000NIS 53,528NIS 56,452NIS 60,839
Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil EqualityNIS 94,650NIS 94,316NIS 81,214
Sadaka ReutNIS 12,570NIS 191,779NIS 197,095
The Social TVNIS 22,195
Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ)$9,794
DirasatNIS 55,785
BisanNot disclosed

*Funding information to Israeli NGOs is according to information submitted to the Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits. Information on funding to ARIJ was taken from its annual report; Bisan does not disclose funding details.


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