Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation (PYALARA)


Country/TerritoryPalestinian Authority
Founded1999, located inAl-Beireh (near Ramallah), branches in Gaza and Nablus
In their own words“One of our main objectives is to prevent young Palestinians from becoming thoroughly frustrated as a result of the harsh conditions under which they are forced to live.”


Funders include: UNICEF, Cordaid, Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung, European Commission, Foundation for Middle East Peace, International Committee of the Red Cross, Palestinian Red Crescent Society.


  • Produces a youth newspaper and television program, conducts seminars and training sessions, and operates a peer counseling hotline. The paper is distributed at Palestinian government and UNRWA schools.
  • According to a PYALARA official, Palestinian youths’ “sexual problems, fights with their parents and all sorts of difficulties that appear to be unrelated to the occupation … can be attributed to the present situation.”
  • According to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), PYALARA-produced TV programs “glorify terrorists,” including suicide bombers. In May 2012, PYALARA interviewed family members of Palestinian prisoners serving multiple life sentences for planning bombings, who praised and celebrated the terrorists. In June 2012, referring to 91 terrorists who were reinterred in the Palestinian Authority,  the host of a PYALARA program stated, “[The terrorists are] more honored than all of us… They are the greatest role models for us.”
  • Refers to the security barrier as the “apartheid wall.”
  • Director Hania Bitar signed a July 2006 letter demanding “the cessation of the irresponsible and totally unacceptable policy of deprivation and collective punishment” in Gaza.
  • After NGO Monitor published a 2003 report on PYALARA’s praise for the head of the PFLP terror group and its implied justification of suicide bombing, PYALARA removed the related material from its website.

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