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"The International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development"

Summary: The International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development is a Montreal-based NGO dedicated to the advancement of the ideals set forth in the United Nations International Bill of Human Rights. In practice, this organization pursues a strong anti-Israel political agenda

Palestine Childrens Welfare Fund (PCWF)

The activities and website of the Palestine Childrens Welfare Fund (PCWF), an NGO based in the Gaza Strip, stand in strong contradiction to its humanitarian and moral goals.

UN NGO Working Group on Israel/Palestine styled "mini-Durban"

The UN NGO Working Group on Israel/Palestine styles itself an "advocate for peace and justice, based on Security Council resolutions 242, 338 and other relevant UN resolutions, with the goal of security and freedom for both an Israeli and a Palestinian state."

Amnesty International Report of 2003

AI produced its 2003 report documenting human rights abuses in 151 countries as "a contribution toa world where human rights take priority over political, military or economic interests." Several sections reveal a subordination of the concept of human rights to political interests.

Oxfam Belgium produces political poster

Oxfam Belgium produced the following poster, "Israeli fruits have a bitter taste...reject the occupation of Palestine, dont buy Israeli fruits and vegetables." The message is blatantly political, and in clear contradiction of Oxfams mission statement. NGO Monitor consistently attempted to question Oxfam Belgium - via telephone and email. Oxfam Belgium refused to respond.

Showing 1621-1630 of 1669