As a direct result of NGO Monitor research, the Dutch government is halting €8 million in funding, over three years, to the Palestinian NGO known as “UAWC.” The Dutch announced that it will also conduct an external investigation into UAWC’s ties to the PFLP terror group.

NGO Monitor has long warned of UAWC, a major recipient of Dutch funds, and its ties to the PFLP terror group. Our research shows that since 2013, UAWC has received nearly $20 million from the Netherlands. During the past year, NGO Monitor researched and published its findings in a detailed report, briefed officials, and wrote a number of open letters to Dutch officials on this issue. The evidence we provided led to a number of parliamentary questions.

The Dutch government initially denied the allegations. However, after an internal review in the framework of parliamentary discussions, the Minister of Development confirmed NGO Monitor’s findings. She admitted that its funds were used to pay the salaries of two senior UAWC employees who were arrested for the murder of a 17-year-old Israeli in August 2019.

NGO Monitor applauds the Dutch decision. We hope that the belated funding freeze will be followed by serious sanctions, a demand for return of Dutch funds, and the implementation of strict guidelines to prevent future misuse of public money.