On February 2, 2017, diplomats from the Netherlands Representative Office in Ramallah met with senior officials from a Palestinian NGO, Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC), to sign an $11.5 million grant agreement. The Dutch contingent was led by its “Head of Cooperation,” Henny de Vries.

UAWC is closely linked to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), designated as a terrorist organization by the USEUIsrael, and Canada. The NGO is listed by Fatah as a PFLP “affiliate” and a USAID-engaged audit refers to it as an arm of the terror group.

As seen in a picture posted on the Representative Office’s Facebook page, UAWC representatives to the signing ceremony included individuals currently standing trial or incarcerated due to their involvement in PFLP activities, as well as another official associated with jailed PFLP leader, Ahmed Sa’adat.

On July 20, the Dutch government announced it was freezing funding to UAWC over its close links to the terror group.  Foreign Minister Stef Blok and Development Minister Sigrid Kaag revealed that an internal government audit concluded that Dutch funds were used to pay the salaries of two UAWC employees- Samer Arbid and Abdel Razeq Farraj- currently standing trial for their alleged role in an August 26, 2019 bombing that murdered an Israeli civilian.

As described below, Farraj was present at the signing ceremony with Dutch officials.

UAWC representatives at the signing

  1. Abdel Razeq Farraj: UAWC Finance and Administration Director
  1. Ubai Aboudi
  • Apparently UAWC’s “M&E [Monitoring and Evaluation] Officer” until April 2019. In Abdel Razeq Farraj’s indictment, Aboudi is referenced as receiving instructions to recruit additional members to the PFLP. In June 2020, he was sentenced to 12-months in prison.
  1. Razeq Al-Barghouti: Chairman of the UAWC Board of Directors.

1st row, from left: Razeq Al-Barghouti, Henny de Vries, Fuad Abo Seif (UAWC General Director), Abdel Razeq Farraj, Ubai Aboudi (Netherlands Representative Office in Ramallah Facebook post, February 2, 2017 https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=729114907258134&id=272364586266504)