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Sigrid Rausing Trust


Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom



  • Sigrid Rausing Trust (SRT) is a “UK grant making foundation, founded in 1995 by Sigrid Rausing to support human rights globally. Since then, the Trust has given away approximately £191.9 million to human rights organisations all over the world.”
  • The Trust states: “Since all political parties or movements, and all governments, have the potential to abuse human rights, we ask that our grantees’ commitment to human rights transcend political loyalties.”
  • In the 2012 Annual Report, Founder and Chair Sigrid Rausing wrote, “Human rights transcend left and right. Peace, liberalism, and the rule of law potentially lead to investment and development, and the political space to combat corruption, poverty and discrimination.”
  • SRT supports numerous NGOs active in the Arab-Israeli conflict, some of which engage in anti-Israel delegitimization campaigns and promote a narrow political agenda inconsistent with the stated principles.


  • 2013 budget: £22.5 million.
  • SRT’s finances are transparent, with past and current grantees listed clearly and details such as amounts and project duration provided.
  • SRT states that it funds organizations, not projects: “Most of our grants take the form of core grants, or in other words grants that are not ear-marked for specific projects…We believe that organisations are more imaginative and innovative if they are able to follow their own ideas rather than donor-driven projects.” (emphasis added)
  • One of SRT’s “Guiding Principles” is “long-term relationships with grantees.” It is unknown if and how SRT evaluates long-term grantees, and how SRT responds to false claims, bias and political exploitation of human rights by its grantees.

Grantees in Israel and Palestinian Authority

Current Grantees (complete list)

NGO RecipientGrant CategoryAmountDuration
AdalahAdvocacy, Research and Litigation£180,000July 2011-2014
AddameerDetention, Torture and the Death Penalty£45,000February 2013-2014
African Refugee Development CenterXenophobia and Intolerance£120,000November 2011-2014
Al MezanAdvocacy, Research and Litigation£40,000March 2013-2014
Association for Civil Rights in IsraelAdvocacy, Research and Litigation£300,000November 2011-2014
Aswat – Palestinian Gay WomenLGBTI Rights£90,000July 2013-2016
Breaking the SilenceAdvocacy, Research and Litigation£25,000November 2012-2013
B'TselemAdvocacy, Research and Litigation£450,000November 2010-2013
Gisha – Legal Center For Freedom Of MovementAdvocacy, Research and Litigation£80,000February 2013-2014
HaMokedAdvocacy, Research and Litigation£330,000March 2013-2016
Hotline for Migrant WorkersXenophobia and Intolerance£195,000November 2013-2016
Physicians For Human Rights - IsraelAdvocacy, Research and Litigation£240,000July 2012-2015
Social TVFree Expression£150,000March 2013-2016

Past Grantees (No longer receiving funding)

NGO RecipientGrant CategoryAmountDonation
SikkuyXenophobia and Intolerance€300,0002005-2011

Grantees from outside the region involved in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

NGO RecipientGrant CategoryAmountDonation
René CassinXenophobia and Intolerance£60,000July 2013-2016
Euro-Mediterranean Foundation of Support to Human Rights DefendersHuman Rights Defenders£300,000July 2011-2014


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