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Israel Social TV


In their own words“An independent media organization (NGO) working to promote social change, human rights, social justice and equality as well as to mobilize its viewers towards activism.”



  • Claims to “report on social injustices and human right violations,” “amplify marginalized groups and voices that many times represent unpopular opinions,” and “work in close cooperation with other organizations for social change providing them and their agendas with visibility and coverage they do not receive from mainstream media.
  • Maintains that “In its determination to maintain its independence, ISTV refuses commercial and government support… All our activity is financed by fundraising from foundations and by our own strenuous independent income-generating activities.” However, Social TV does receive indirect government funding, including NIS 951,194 from foreign governmental bodies in 2013, according to financial information submitted to the Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits.
  • Social TV’s Public Council includes: radical anti-Israel academic Noam Chomsky; attorney for fringe Israeli NGOs, Michael Sfard; former MK and president of the New Israel Fund, Naomi Chazan; and co-founder of the BDS “Who Profits” campaign, Dalit Baum.

Political Advocacy

  • Acts as a platform for accusations of Israeli “apartheid,” “racism,” “discrimination,” and perpetrating a “Nakba” against the Palestinian population, and to advocate the “one-state” solution and a Palestinian “right of return.”
  • Holds a monthly panel to “discusses the Nakba as it relates to women, militarism and peace.”
  • On July 6, 2017, posted a video titled “What If the Palestinian Refugees Return?” in which Israelis and Palestinians were interviewed about a Palestinian “right of return.” An Israel Social TV reporter editorialized about “how and when Israel will recognize the Nakba, and allow for the agreed implementation of the right of return as a solution of peace and genuine security for all” (emphasis added).
  • On March 21, 2016, Yudit Ilany, a correspondent for Israel Social TV, was a speaker at a panel titled “The Return of Palestinian Refugees in the local Civil Society Discourse” at Zochrot’s “Third International Conference on the Return of Palestinian Refugees.” Ilany was also a participant on the 2016 Women’s flotilla to Gaza, keeping a travelogue, describing how the situation in Gaza is “not ‘close to disastrous’ but already beyond the horrific.”
  • On May 27, 2015, Social TV posted a video supporting Palestinian efforts to suspend Israel from FIFA. In the article, Social TV also attacked its own donor, the New Israel Fund: “Palestinian efforts to gain Israeli attention – abandoning terrorist attacks and applying international pressure are deserving of esteem. Surprising is the New Israel Fund efforts to sabotage the Palestinian move just moments before their non-violent action reaches nearly every home in Israel. Perhaps the Fund’s executive director’s letter…is intended to close ranks with the Israeli public.”
  • Features a 2014 lecture by radical historian Ilan Pappe, claiming that the two-state solution is “just a tool where [Israel] maintains control over the [Palestininians]” and that a “one-state” solution is possible because “in South Africa, there were also liberal Zionists, liberal apartheid supporters…” The segment claims that while the two-state solution is still on the political agenda, “there are those who argue that this solution is neither right nor applicable.”
  • Moran Brir and Guy Botabia, activists affiliated with Social TV, were involved with the production of of a highly disturbing  2014 video, “The Holocaust’s Visit to Yad Vashem.” The video claims that the Holocaust was “the best thing that ever happened” to the Jewish people and that the Jewish nation”do[es] not exist” and “never existed.” Other inflammatory videos by the pair have been posted on Social TV.
  • Israeli Social TV participated in a December 2014 “Canaan Conference” in Berlin titled “Trialogue with Israel and Palestine.” While the conference, sponsored by Bread for the World-EED, claimed to be “a platform for bi- and trilateral communication between women from Palestine, Israel and Germany,” it featured many inflammatory speakers, including one who reportedly declared “Zionists are racists.”
  • Produced a 2013 video, “Agriculture in the Jordan Valley,” which includes statements by researchers from the “Who Profits” campaign and claims that the Israeli Mekorot water company dries up water springs leading to “no agriculture and no work” within Palestinian areas.  (Click here to read more about NGOs and the libel campaign against the Mekorot water company).
  • Aired a 2013 video segment, “From Truth to Redress,” promoting the one-state conference organized by fringe Israeli NGO Zochrot.
  • Aired a 2013 video segment, “From Holocaust to Revival,” which criticizes organized school trips to Poland for inculcating a “militaristic discourse, speech and codes of behavior” in Israeli society.

BDS Activities

  • Active in promoting the BDS (boycotts, divestments and sanctions) campaign against Israel.
  • In February 2015, Ehud Shem Tov, the founder and editor-in-chief of Social TV, signed a petition calling on the European Union to increase pressure on Israel by “label[ing] settlement products” and imposing additional sanctions.
  • Features a February 21, 2014 article promoting BDS demonstrations against the performances of the Israeli dance company, Batsheva, at an arts festival in New Zealand.  The article includes a cartoon of an Israeli dancer holding a gun in front of the security barrier; the caption reads: “DON’T dance with Israeli APARTHEID.”
  • Social TV runs advertisements promoting the use of BUYCOTT, a smartphone application that allows users to “define their purchasing preferences such as supporting certain companies, buying Israeli produce, boycotting or avoiding products manufactured in Israeli settlements in the West Bank…”
  • Signed a 2009 letter to the Norwegian Government Pension Fund, together with Coalition of Women for Peace, Mossawa, Women Against Violence, Israel Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), Zochrot, Alternative Information Center (AIC), and Machsom Watch, calling “upon the Norwegian people to join us in our efforts and to stop investing in the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory.” The letter accused a number of Israeli and international corporations of “provid[ing] specifically designed equipment for the surveillance and repression of Palestinian population through restrictions of movement and collective punishments.” The campaign resulted in the Pension Fund’s divestment from the Israeli company, Elbit Ltd.

Foreign donations to Israeli Social TV (amounts in NIS unless otherwise noted)

Amount for 2013-2015 are based on reports to Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits; 2016 on organization’s financial report.

New Israel Fund58,026138,026
CCFD (France)€10,00021,102
Sigrid Rausing Trust£50,000298,819286,834279,259
American Friends Service Committee$15,00062,51561,70354,156
Rosa Luxemburg Foundation22,195
Foundation for Middle East Peace18,91517,17617,458
The British Shalom Salaam Trust£9,8005,71822,80417,819
XminY Foundation2,0479,273

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