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BDS organizations receive Dutch support through numerous frameworks.

NDC grant recipients include Al Haq and Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR ), which are very active in BDS activities, anti-Israel UN moves, and in attempts to exploit European and international courts, including the ICC, to initiate “war crimes” indictments against Israeli officials.

The most extreme example of ICCO ’s destructive political funding is Electronic Intifada, an online media platform dedicated to promoting an extreme anti-Israel agenda, including BDS and highly offensive articles that compare Israelis to Nazis.

Another ICCO partner is an organization known as the Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP), which, despite its name, is a leader in BDS and economic warfare. Through its “Who Profits” campaign, CWP identifies Israeli and international companies to be targeted by anti-Israel activists. CWP officials have also been photographed holding the flag of PFLP, a terrorist organization notorious for pioneering plane hijackings and responsible for numerous attacks against civilians.

ICCO support for CWP, Electronic Intifada, and other NGOs opposes and frustrates Dutch policy goals and principles.

The author is the European Desk Coordinator at NGO Monitor.