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Broederlijk Delen Funding to Israeli/Palestinian NGOs

NGO Funding 2015Funding 2014Funding 2013
Zochrot€40,000 (including €32,000 from the DGD)€40,000 (including €32,000 from the DGD)€50,000 (including €40,000 from the DGD)
Breaking the Silence€40,000 (including €32,000 from the DGD)€40,000 (including €32,000 from the DGD)€25,513
Gisha€60,000 (including €48,000 from the DGD)€60,000 (including €48,000 from the DGD)€60,000 (including €48,000 from the DGD)
Adalah€50,000 (including €40,000 from the DGD)€50,000 (including €40,000 from the DGD)€45,000 (including €36,000 from the DGD)
Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling€60,000 (including €48,000 from the DGD)€40,000 (including €32,000 from the DGD)€30,000
Defense for Children International – Palestine Section€40,000 (including €32,000 from DGD)€40,000 (including €32,000 from DGD)€20,000
Parents Circle Families Forum€20,000€20,000N/A

According to information submitted to the Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits, recent funding to Israeli organizations includes:

NGOYearSum (NIS)Project
Zochrot201437,941General support of the NGO
201568,419Supporting the NGO core activity
201598,053Supporting NGO activity
Adalah2014233,252Legal Views – Planning and real estate
Breaking the Silence201475,674Collect Project
2014150,667Educational project
2015135,230Testimony collection
Gisha2014279,681Promote the honoring of legal obligations
2015202,111Promoting the right of freedom of movement in the Palestinian territories
2015510,838Promote the honoring of legal obligations

2012 NGO Grantees

Badil€20,000 (2012)
Hamoked€30,000 (2012)
Breaking the Silence€30,000 (2012)
Defence for Children International- Palestine Section€20,000 (2012)
Women's Centre for Legal Aid and Counseling€30,000 (2012)

The following grantees also received funding from the Belgian Development Cooperation (DGD) as part of the Broederlijk Delen grants:

Adalah€45,000 (DGD contribution of €36,000)
Gisha€60,000 (DGD contribution of €48,000)
Zochrot€50,000 (DGD contribution of €48,000); Zochrot's 2013 financial report shows a grant of NIS 123,684 from Broederlijk Delen.
Theatre Day Productions€60,000 (DGD contribution of €48,000)

Between 2008 and 2011, the following Israeli organizations received funding from Broederlijk Delen:

NGOAmount and Year
Adalah199,510 NIS (2011); 357,107 NIS (2010)
Breaking the Silence258,605 NIS (2011); 35,268 NIS (2010)
Coalition of Women for Peace5,752 NIS (2009)
Gisha296,597 NIS (2011); 237,160 NIS (2010); 165,729 NIS (2009); 104,011 NIS (2008)
Hamoked€29,939 (2010); €21,000 (2009)
Zochrot212,815 NIS (2011); 189,199 NIS from "Broederlijk Delen& Gov" (2010); 206,003 NIS (2009); 183,477 NIS (2008)

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