Ir Amim


Founded2000, and became active as a non-profit organization in 2004
In their own wordsFocuses on “Jerusalem within the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” and “seeks to render Jerusalem a more equitable and sustainable city for the Israelis and Palestinians who share it.”



  • Political Advocacy: Activities include “Monitoring” and “exposing” Israeli government actions in Jerusalem, “policy and legal advocacy,” and running highly politicized tours of Jerusalem and the security barrier.
  • Although it has been described as “work[ing] toward coexistence in Jerusalem,” an Ir Amim official was quoted as saying that the group was “seeking to advance a political agenda, and was not an organization geared to promote coexistence.”
  • Ir Amim frequently accuses Israel of attempting to “Judaize” Jerusalem and promotes the Palestinian narrative on the city, including claims that “government powers are being handed over to the settler organizations” and archeological digs have become an important “tool in the fight for control” over Jerusalem.
  • Maintains that the security barrier “extracts neighborhoods from the city with the goal of reducing the portion of Palestinians” and that the “barrier’s demographic rationale therefore outweighs its security rationale.” It further maintains, “Erecting the barrier within this framework is one more tool for Israel’s ‘divide and rule’ policy, as a result of which Palestinian Jerusalem has been shattered to pieces.” These allegations omit the context of Palestinian terror attacks and Israeli national security concerns.
  • In an interview (published September 15, 2013) with the highly politicized +972 Magazine, Yudith Oppenheimer, executive director of Ir Amim, claimed that “the construction of national parks that impose a very strict, nationalist Jewish narrative” is “imposing an Israeli presence and narrative on the Old City and its surroundings and trying to eliminate the Palestinian presence” in Jerusalem.
  • In May 2010, David Horovitz, then editor of the Jerusalem Post, wrote that the Jerusalem Moments film series, produced by Ir Amim, “contained just about every imaginable one-sided, context-deficient, unbalanced misrepresentation of Israel rolled into one nasty package…a relentless Palestinian Israel-bashing, interspersed with near-relentless Israeli Israel-bashing.”
  • An Ir Amim blog entry in the Huffington Post (April 27, 2010), appeals to the United States government to, “Threaten [Israel] with severing diplomatic ties. Threaten us with cutting back on, or even cutting off, the annual support package. Bludgeon us over the head and force us to wise up.”

Foreign donations based on reports to Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits (amounts in NIS)

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Bread for the World (Germany)747,648493,446427,110434,587572,931
EED (EU)283,500
European Union176,85651,61493,071229,692
Heinrich Boll24,00023,100
Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat (Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands)28,083120,720
Sweden 277,287850,000
Konrad Addenauer Foundation101,538
United States64,293

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