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Funding to Broederlijk Delen

European Union€316,946€238,676
Cities and Municipalities €134,461€186,360

Political Advocacy

  • Broederlijk Delen has provided funding to a number of highly biased and politicized NGOs active in the Arab-Israeli conflict including AdalahGishaZochrotHaMoked, and Breaking the Silence. Since 2017, Broederlijk Delen has not released funding information regarding Palestinian and Israeli grantees. (See table below for further funding information.)
  • Broederlijk Delen creates “teaching materials” on Israel. The lessons include “50 years of occupation” aiming to “provide students with an insight into the consequences of the occupation” as well as asking “how do we engage in political lobbying?”
  • In December 2019, Broederlijk Delen was a signatory on a letter Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Fatou Bensouda, calling to open “an official, full-scale investigation into the ‘situation in Palestine’” and the “possible war crimes and crimes against humanity committed” as the “absence of an official investigation…has fuelled the already existing culture of impunity.”
  • In December 2018, Broederlijk Delen published an article referring to Gaza as an “open-air prison.” The article further placed sole blame on Israel for the continuation of the conflict, stating that “In the Gaza Strip itself, however, there has not been any improvement in the disastrous humanitarian situation. This is a direct consequence of the draconian blockade that Israel installed,” altogether omitting that the blockade was implemented in an effort to stop Palestinian terrorists from smuggling weapons and rockets into Gaza that would later be used to target Israeli civilians.
  • In May 2018, Broederlijk Delen signed on a call to the UN Human Rights Council to launch an “independent investigation into violations of international human rights and humanitarian law by Israel.” The call accuses Israel of “excessive, indiscriminate and disproportionate use of lethal force… [that]  may constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity” (emphasis added).
  • In April 2018, Broderlijk Delen and Pax Christi led an “immersion trip” to Israel and the West Bank publicized as “an introduction to the political reality.” The trip met with a number of highly politicized Israeli and Palestinian NGOs including, Adalah, Zochrot, Breaking the Silence, Ir Amim, and the Parents Circle Family Forum.
  • On February 7, 2017, Broederlijk Delen was a signatory on a call to “end the European complicity – marking 100 years of injustice against the Palestinian people” (i.e. since the Balfour Declaration). The call “solemnly reaffirm[ed] that in 2017, after 100 years of dispossession, denial and ethnic cleansing, the rights of the Palestinian people must, at last, be respected.” The statement further called for the “the suspension of the EU’s Association Agreement with Israel” and on the international community “to cease all complicity with continued settlement activity and the myriad of ways that Israel violates international law.”
  • In January 2017, as a member of the church umbrella organization CIDSE’s Palestine-Israel Working Group, Broederlijk Delen released a report titled “No Place Like Home: A Reader On The Forced Internal Displacement Of Palestinians In The Occupied Palestinian Territory And Israel” that was designed as a tool to lobby the European Union. The report calls for “the EU and Member States [to] prioritise the use of their leverage in bilateral relations towards the aims of promoting the shared values of democracy, respect for human rights, the rule of law and fundamental freedoms. Financial support alone is not enough to promote these values, and ensure that they bring about justice and prosperity for the region.”
  • In May 2016, held an expo on “Peaceful resistance in Palestine and Israel.” The corresponding booklet included a highly misleading map claiming to depict Palestinian loss of land since 1946. The booklet also reproduced information from ZochrotBreaking the SilenceCombatants for PeaceParents Circle Families Forum, and other political advocacy NGOs.
  • In September 2016, Broederlijk Delen’s organized a “Peace Journey” to Israel with Pax Christi Flanders. Due to the Israeli policy of denying entry to activists involved in BDS, Brigitte Herremans, then policy officer for Broederlijk Delen, was denied entry when the trip landed in Israel on September 9, 2016.
    • In an interview on Flemish Radio 1 on September 12, 2016, Herremans called for “sanctions against Israel” and to “subject Israeli citizens who come to Belgium to interrogation.” In the same interview, when asked about reports that showed a rise in antisemitism in Belgium, Herremans accused “Israel’s allies” of “inflating” the level of antisemitism in order to “distract from its treatment of Palestinians.”
    • Herremans also encourages the EU “to confront Israel with the fundamental choice of whether it wants to continue its occupation and systematic violations of international law (with all the criticism that comes along with this) or if it wants to be a full and respected member of the international community.”
  • Produced an alternative tourism brochure in which it recommends visits with Sabeel and tours with Zochrot. The brochure also highlights the politicized tours of Breaking the Silence and includes information by EAPPI and the  Yves Society as information references. These NGOs present a one-sided perspective of the Arab-Israeli conflict, based entirely on the Palestinian narrative, and promote the BDS campaign against Israel.

BDS Activities


Broederlijk Delen Funding to NGOs (amounts in NIS)

2017 amounts based on NGO annual reports; 2018-2019 amounts based on financial reports submitted to the Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits

Breaking the Silence126,86277,678157,324
Parents Circle Families Forum120,868
Kerem Navot46,64060,356
Defense for Children International - Palestine (DCI-P)€32,900€30,000€30,000

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