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Medico International




  • Medico International states that it “struggles for the human right to the best possible access to good health. In doing so we support local partners… in their endeavors to create the economic, social and cultural conditions which allow each person to attain the highest health standard possible.”
  • Based in Germany and Switzerland, with projects in Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America, and Asia.


Political Advocacy

  • MI’s Swiss website features demonizing rhetoric against Israel: “One-and-a-half years after Israeli army perpetrated a massacre upon the population of Gaza, Apartheid Israel commits another crime against partisans of Palestine in international waters.”
  • MI’s website includes quotes referring to Israel’s policy as “oppression and strangulation.”
  • Israeli director Tsafrir Cohen has urged German politicians to pressure Israel and to “fight against Israeli occupation.”
  • Refers to Gaza as the “largest prison in the world,” claims that Israel pursues a “system of continuous violation of the most elementary basic needs,” and demands that “the politicians responsible for the war crimes in Gaza” be “held accountable.”
  •  Condemned the May 2010 flotilla events: “The shocking and bloody seizure of support ships at sea shows that the Israeli government under its security doctrine is ready to use any military means and to override international law.”
  • Advertized a “book presentation” with Breaking the Silence (BtS) in Ramallah on May 17, 2011, to launch “Occupation of the Territories: Israeli Soldier Testimonies 2000-2010.” Following criticism from NGO Monitor, the event was cancelled. MI’s Israel director Tsafrir Cohen claimed that funding for BtS comes from MI’s “own donations, i.e. there are no state or EU moneys involved.”

2014-2015 Funding

NGO Recipient AmountYearProject Title
Who ProfitsNIS 48,840
NIS 61,607
Physicians for Human Rights- IsraelNIS 50,000
NIS 47,407
Promoting health rights of residents in the West Bank and the public activity of the NGO
Breaking the SilenceNIS 40,0002014General support
AdalahNIS 47,7962014
Comet-MENIS 780,3562014

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