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In their own wordsEstablished in order to “build renewable energy systems for communities that are not connected to the electricity grid because of political reasons and build local capacity to install and maintain those systems.”


  • 2014 budget of NIS 2,418,772 (latest available; accessed February 10, 2016).
  • In 2012-2014, foreign governments provided 63.2% of COMET-ME’s total donations.
  • Received a two-year, €486,913 grant (2014 – 2015) from the EU (Partnership for Peace) “to promote the possibility of the Two State Solution through joint concrete actions of Jews and Arabs working together to promote socio-economic development of marginalized Palestinian communities in Area C.”
  • In 2014-2016, along with the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC), received €75,000 from the French Consulate in Jerusalem.
  • Received two grants from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund totaling $140,000 (2012-2016).
  • In 2012-2014 received NIS 1,889,363 from Medico International, an NGO funded largely by the German government. Medico International public relations head for “Palestine & Israel” is Tsafrir Cohen. In 2012, Medico was one of 22 NGO co-authors of “Trading Away Peace,” calling on the EU and state members to adopt economic sanctions against Israel.


  • Comet-ME (Community, Energy and Technology in the Middle-East) is an Israeli NGO, registered as a “Company for the Benefit of the Public.”
  • The officials involved with Comet-ME are highly politicized in promoting Palestinian claims and attacks against Israel.
  • Elad Orian, co-founder and “environmental expert, physicist, political activist,” is also a member of the oversight committee of Zochrot, a fringe Israeli NGO that supports a “one-state” framework and a Palestinian “right of return.”  Comet-ME Board member Prof. Dan Rabinowitz spoke at a Zochrot conference on this theme.
  • Orian said, “Our NGO is political in essence.” He further stated, “I’ve been a political activist the better part of the last 10 years and I do it on the big political level because that’s my way…”
  • Orian signed a petition in support of Tali Fahima, who was convicted for contact with terrorists.
  • “The project team consist of activists with a long record of activity in the South Mount Hebron region …. We hope to attract other Palestinian, Israeli and International partners, from outside the community, who share our political and environmental vision.” (emphasis added)
  • Highlighting the radical political agenda of Comet-ME , a “July Update” (2011) states, “The S.O.S.-Susya campaign has gained impressive momentum, reportedly upsetting staff at the Civil Administration and the Ministry of Defense.”
  • Illegal Building: Frequently builds illegally in Area C of the West Bank, without obtaining requisite permits from the Israeli Civil Administration, which is responsible under local and international law (and the Oslo agreements) for maintaining law and order in areas under Israeli control.
  • Comet-ME officials have consistently attempted to justify the illegal activity, saying, “We didn’t ask for permits because we wouldn’t get any permits,” and “We don’t get any permits [from the Israeli Civil Administration], so we simply build without.”

* Foreign donations based on the organization’s annual reports (amounts in NIS); 2016 based on quarterly reports submitted to the Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits

Medico International (Germany)780,356593,397515,6101,686,624
European Union410,455
Irish Aid (Ireland)358,311287,149293,64918,835
Sweden 274,692456,075318,365
Switzerland 33,771144,579
Holland166,086 59,347
New Zealand 22,098


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