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Start date:1 Jan 1988
End date:24 Apr 2024

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Sweden: NGO Network Blocks NGO Monitor from Speaking, Presenting Research

NGO Monitor was invited and scheduled to present our research as part of the Globala Torget forum in conjunction with the Gothenburg Book Fair, together with the Sweden-Israel Friendship Association and groups that present different views. But under the facade of promoting human rights, representatives of 21st Century cancel-culture claim a right to select “good” Jews, and to silence those they see as "bad” Jews.

UN Adopts Invented NGO Claims on Palestinian Minors to Threaten Israel with Blacklist

On July 11, the UN Secretary-General released his annual report on Children in Armed Conflict (CAAC), dealing with the violation of children's rights in conflict zones in 2021. This year, the UN again presents misleading statistics and adopts invented standards in order to advance a narrative that the IDF violates the rights of Palestinian minors


Showing 1-10 of 262