NGO Monitor analyzed New Israel Fund (NIF) 2020 financial reports (latest available), detailing grants to 270 Israeli non-governmental organizations (NGOs). We focus specifically on the approximately 10% of NIF’s funding that is distributed to 32 political advocacy NGOs claiming to promote human rights in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Many of the NGOs in the NIF network receive large grants from European governments, in some cases providing 90 percent or more of their total budgets.

NIF’s financial reports show:

  • 2020 revenue — $50.9 million, 52% increase from 2019 ($33.4 million).
  • 2020 total contributions — $40.7 million, 48% increase from 2019 ($27.6 million). NIF’s donor advised contributions also increased 95% to $8.4 million from $4.3 million (2019) (See Table 1).

In analyzing NIF’s financial documents, NGO Monitor found that:

  • The NIF continues to fund a number of NGOs centrally involved in political advocacy activities related to the Arab-Israeli conflict, as documented by NGO Monitor. Of note are coordinated and concerted efforts by B’Tselem, Adalah, Breaking the Silence, Gisha, Combatants for Peace, Kerem Navot, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, and Yesh Din to demonize Israel with the “apartheid” label.
  • In 2020, the NIF authorized $3.7 million in grants to 32 political NGOs — a 6% increase (see Table 2), and 22% of total grants.
  • NIF increased its grants to Adalah, Haqel, Kerem Navot, Physicians for Human Rights –Israel, and Standing Together, and decreased funds for B’Tselem and Akevot. It is unclear if these changes reflect a policy change or are due to multi-year grants in which the amounts fluctuate through the cycle.
  • Funding decreased to B’Tselem by 43% and Akevot by 48%,
  • NIF did not provide funding to Social TV or Terrestrial Jerusalem.
  • NIF resumed funding to Baladna Arab Youth Association after not funding the NGO since 2014.
    • In October 2021, Baladna hosted an event in support of Arabs arrested during the May 2021 riots. As part of the event, a mural was painted featuring the terrorists who murdered Israeli police officers on the Temple Mount in 2017.
  • Mossawa only received funding through the Progressive Jewish Fund (see below).

Progressive Jewish Fund

Table 1: Overview of NIF Finances 2015-2020 (amounts in USD)

Total Expenses34,455,15034,887,48531,443,71230,304,73330,785,908
Total Revenue50,977,01433,403,32232,674,57529,231,84628,139,397
Grants Authorized17,811,33617,366,60315,038,26413,626,81613,541,427
Grants Paid18,154,23817,366,69814,996,83714,903,61613,582,492


Table 2: Multiyear Review of Authorized Core and Donor Advised Grants to Political NGOs (2014 – 2020, USD)

Breaking the Silence572,134629,926510,942359,219438,766104,3042,615.291
Combatants for Peace45,34837,63625,44921,18022,86220,243172,718
Emek Shaveh33,35041,15029,80031,27520,35040,350196,275
Gisha: Legal Center for the Protection of Freedom of Movement92,43197,79082,51637,8036,68729,150346,377
HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual60,38778,189104,11983,3751,30037,450346,377
Haqel: Jews and Arabs in Defense of Human Rights4,50230560,590140,97278,375-284,744
Human Rights Defenders Fund (HRDF)171,745200,550116,892175,98421,7695199,0001,081,866
Ir Amim140,684147,794170,392178,334180,498105,587923,289
Molad: The Center for the Renewal of Democracy35,83325,00047,20668,857101,196417,694695,786
Kerem Navot (Naboth's Vineyard)15,0005,0005,00012,61040,902-78,512
Negev Coexistence Forum46,81359,76682,00073,40661,67249,888373,545
Nine Seven Two: Advancement of Citizen Journalism274,119313,219151,540127,53117,33238,117921,858
Parents' Circle: Bereaved Parents3,0482,66613,45673,4064,97216,902114,450
Physicians for Human Rights - Israel320,728274,997317,17486,894102,90691,6791,194,378
Rabbis for Human Rights43,86143,98537,12042,775107,648296,420571,809
Reut Sadaka Jewish-Arab Youth Movement3,1004,0504,04911,0506,84438,43067,523
SISO - Save Israel. Stop the Occupation.---101,242120,100-221,342
Social TV-40010,2878,0702,000-20,757
Standing Together332,519224,512102,52891,021--750,580
Terrestrial Jerusalem-10,0005020,000-10,00040,050
The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel79,63945,80035,55038,45036,00041,643277,082
Women's Fund for Human Rights (Machsom Watch)104,107117,171112,234129,39787,077243,535793,521
Yesh Din130,262138,999140,040176,214121,87174,740782,126
Zazim - Community Action211,852327,793190,948314,022182,013-1,226,628


Table 3: 2019-2020 Progressive Jewish Fund Funding (amounts in USD)

Alliance for Middle East Peace2,500500,000
Breaking the Silence1,800
Combatants for Peace4,0002.500
Ir Amim8,600
Nine Seven Two: Advancement of Citizen Journalism2,5007,500
Parents' Circle: Bereaved Parents5,000
Physicians for Human Rights5,000
The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel1,800
Tides Center500
Tides Foundation29,1801,000
Women's Fund for Human Rights (Machsom Watch)1,800