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Ten years ago, NGO Monitor began sounding the alarm about the affiliations and close connections between prominent Palestinian NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Designated as a terrorist organization by the European Unionthe United StatesCanada and Israel, this violent entity is well- represented in Palestinian civil society, with many NGO board members, officials and employees hailing from its ranks.

Unsurprisingly, these NGOs are often the most vocal in contributing to radicalization, promoting or otherwise justifying violence, and demanding anti-normalization. They also advocate internationally for boycotts of Israel, as well as legal warfare against Israeli officials.

Together with our civil society partners, we’ve alerted governments, parliaments, financial institutions, academic bodies and others to the dangers of interacting with these terror-linked actors.

Now, the Israeli government is paying attention.

Last week, the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs released a report, “Terrorists in Suits,” underscoring our call for governments and other international institutions to seriously engage with this issue. Specifically, their publication continues to explore the nexus between terror-linked actors and BDS (boycotts, divestment and sanctions) activity.

In recent years, NGO Monitor has dedicated significant resources to documenting this dangerous web of money and influence connecting unwitting governments, duplicitous “human-rights activists” and terror. PFLP-affiliated and linked organizations regularly receive financial backing from European capitals, and are key partners in U.N.-administered projects in the West Bank and Gaza.