Civic Coalition for Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem (CCPRJ)


Country/TerritoryPalestinian Authority
In their own words“an independent, non-governmental, non-profit coalition” that “seeks to promote and protect Palestinian rights in Jerusalem and combat Israeli government violations of their human rights.”



  • While CCPRJ seeks “to combat human rights abuses under the Israeli occupation through research and legal analysis, advocacy and human rights education,” the group regularly undermines peace and promotes false allegations against Israel through inaccurate reports and appeals to influential international organizations and officials.
  • CCPRJ advocacy & public relations coordinator, Ingrid Jaradat Gassner, is a representative of the Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO). Jaradat is the former director of BADIL and a BDS activist.


  • Regularly accuses Israel of “ethnic cleansing,” “violating human rights,” “forced evictions,” “extensive home demolitions,” ”land confiscation,” “displacement of countless Palestinian families,” “destruction of property” and “Judaization of Palestine.”
  • In February 2022, CCPRJ published a statement accusing Israel of “silent ethnic cleansing policy” in Jerusalem and called for the EU, UN, and international community to take “appropriate and effective action…by calling for sanctions against Israel.”
  • In April 2021, CCPRJ welcomed the decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to launch a formal investigation into alleged war crimes committed by Israel in the “State of Palestine.” According to CCPRJ, “This is a long-awaited and a critically important step towards ensuring the rule of law and ending impunity, while ensuring accountability for Israel’s crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court.”
  • In April 2021, CCPRJ was a signatory on a joint submission to the UN Secretary-General on Intimidation and Reprisals for Cooperation with the UN, stating that “Since its establishment, Israel has created and maintained an institutionalised regime of racial domination and oppression, amounting to apartheid, over the Palestinian people as a whole…Israel has sought to fundamentally undermine key human rights and accountability work and thereby further entrenched impunity for its apartheid regime over Palestinians.”
  • In March 2021, CCPRJ was a signatory on a joint statement to the United Nations calling to “Recognise and to declare that the laws and policies Israel have created, and continue to maintain, as an institutionalised regime of racial domination and oppression over the Palestinian people as a whole, which amounts to the crime of apartheid” and to “support[] a full, thorough, and comprehensive investigation into the Situation in Palestine by the International Criminal Court.”
  • In July 2020, CCPRJ was a signatory on an urgent appeal to the United Nations referring to Israel’s supposed“shoot-to-kill policy” as “contributing to the maintenance of Israel’s apartheid regime of systematic racial oppression and domination over the Palestinian people as a whole, which, embedded in a system of impunity, prevents Palestinians from effectively challenging Israel’s apartheid policies and practices.”
  • In May 2020, CCPRJ signed a statement referring to the Nakba as being “far from a distant memory for the Palestinian people: it is an ongoing reality of Israeli settler-colonialism, population transfer, apartheid, and dispossession, policies which have never ended and continue to be entrenched today.” The statement further called to “take effective legal and political measures to eradicate colonialism, to bring perpetrators of suspected war crimes and crimes against humanity to justice at the ICC, and to publicly recognise and collectively overcome Israel’s apartheid regime imposed over the Palestinian people as a whole.”
  • In May 2018, during the violence on the Gaza border, CCPRJ signed a joint statement accusing Israel of “excessive, lethal force… These practices attest to the continued domination and subjugation of the Palestinian people. The marches and Israel’s excessive use of force and unlawful killings demonstrate the urgent need to ensure protection for the Palestinian people and to hold Israel to account in accordance with international law.” The statement ignored the violent nature of the protests, which have consisted of an organized armed attack on the Israeli border and IDF positions, attempts to destroy and breach the border fence, and sustained arson, rocket, and mortar attacks on Israeli civilian communities.
  • In November 2017, CCPRJ was a signatory on a call to support “A World Without Walls,” drawing comparisons between “Israel’s apartheid wall on Palestinian land to the US wall of Shame on indigenous land at the border with Mexico.”

BDS Activities

  • In August 2021, CCPRJ signed a letter to the States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty calling to “put an end to Israel’s notorious use of arms and military equipment…by immediately imposing a comprehensive two-way arms embargo on Israel.” According to the letter, “This systematic brutality, perpetrated throughout the past seven decades of Israel’s colonialism, apartheid, pro-longed illegal belligerent occupation, persecution, and closure, is only possible because of the complicity of some governments and corporations around the world.”
  • In September 2020, CCPRJ called for the UN General Assembly to “Launch international investigations into Israel’s apartheid regime over the Palestinian people as a whole, as well as associated State and individual criminal responsibility,” to “Ban arms trade and military-security cooperation with Israel,” and “Prohibit all trade with illegal Israeli settlements and ensure that companies refrain from and terminate business activities with Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise.”
  • In July 2020, CCPRJ was a signatory on a statement calling for “Immediate targeted sanctions to stop Israel’s annexation and apartheid.” The statement further called for “A ban on arms trade and military-security cooperation with Israel,” “Suspension of trade and cooperation agreements with Israel,” and “Investigation and prosecution of individuals and corporate actors responsible for war crimes/crimes against humanity in the context of Israel’s regime of illegal occupation and apartheid.”
  • In March 2020, CCPRJ was a signatory on a letter to then UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet “welcome[ing]” the release of the discriminatory UN database of businesses operating across the 1949 Armistice line, aimed at bolstering BDS campaigns against Israel. According to the letter, the signatories “look forward to continuing to work with the OHCHR, with a view toward ending corporate impunity for profiting from grave breaches of international law.”
  • In May 2019, CCPRJ was a signatory on a statement calling on the German Bundestag to revoke its joint resolution defining BDS campaigns against Israel as antisemitic.
  • In a July 2013 article on “How to Make International Law Work for Palestinians,” Jaradat rejects “peace diplomacy based on the Oslo framework,” the “so-called land for peace formula,” and existing international law, claiming that they “cover[] up the ongoing Israeli colonization, confiscation and annexation of Palestinian land and oppression of the Palestinian people” and force Palestinians “to recognize the status quo Israel has created in the part of Palestine it conquered in 1948.”
  • On September 17, 2012, CCPRJ wrote an open letter to members of the European Parliament Committee on International Trade, calling on them to cease bilateral trade agreement “until such time as Israel complies with international law and ends its violations of Palestinian human rights.”

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