In March 2010, information about Ir Amim’s Jerusalem tours was removed from the Jerusalem Municipality website.  A municipality spokesperson explained that Jerusalem “does not publicize political tours, whether they are organized by right-wing movements or left-wing movements.”

Ir Amim claimed that the decision was made following a request from City Council member Yair Gabai: “This is a severe step by councilman Gabai and the municipality director-general, who are exploiting their authority for the scandalous purpose of silencing voices that are different from theirs.”

The Jerusalem Post reported that Deputy Jerusalem Mayor Yosef Alalu and City Council member Meir Margalit, both associated with the Israel Committee against House Demolitions (ICAHD), also protested the municipality’s decision.

Ir Amim funders include: Ford Foundation, European Union, New Israel Fund, Sweden, Norway, and Oxfam-NOVIB.