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“Freedom Flotilla III”: Connections to French Government Funding

The June 2015 “Freedom Flotilla III,” or “Open Gaza Port,” is yet another example of NGO political warfare targeting the Jewish state.

Ali Abunimah

Danish-Palestinian Friendship Association


French Government Funding for BDS, Lawfare, and Demonization

San Francisco Anti-Israel Bus Ads’ Link with Terrorism and Antisemitism

An ad accusing of Israel of "war crimes" in San Francisco is co-sponsored by an organization whose founder has promoted antisemitic themes, rationalized terrorism, and received a medal of honor from leaders of Hamas.

CODEPINK and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Dr. Mads Gilbert: Norwegian-Funded Exploitation of Human Rights

Dr. Mads Gilbert´s background of ideological extremism highlights his radical political and ideological agenda.

World Council of Churches’ “World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel” - September 21-27, 2014

The World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel program, organized by the World Council of Churches, promotes a highly one-sided narrative, erasing the severity of crimes committed by Palestinian "political prisoners," including premeditated murders of Israeli civilians.

Authors of Anti-Israel Letter in The Lancet Promote Antisemitic Video by White Supremacist David Duke

Two of the main authors of the Lancet´s "Open Letter for the People of Gaza" (July 23, 2014) promoted a video made by American white supremacist David Duke.

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