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Breaking the Silence: Details of European Government Funding

It has been revealed that Breaking the Silence, an Israeli NGO working to influence democracy in Israel, receives massive amounts of funding from foreign (European) governments.

European Funding for Palestinian NGO Submission to the International Criminal Court on Alleged Israeli War Crimes during 2014 Gaza operation

The submission is part of the ongoing “lawfare” campaign, spearheaded by NGOs, which exploits international institutions in an effort to advance anti-Israel campaigns.

Mark Braverman

NGO Legislation: Factsheet on Government Funding

With increased attention being given to the issue in the Knesset, NGO Monitor provides analysis on funding for Israeli NGOs from foreign governments.

European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR)

European-funded NGOs and the Susya Narrative

While there are widely divergent narratives regarding the village and history of Susiya, many EU-funded NGOs have been active lobbying the Israeli government to prevent the demolition, promoting the Palestinian narrative of victimization.

“Freedom Flotilla III”: Connections to French Government Funding

The June 2015 “Freedom Flotilla III,” or “Open Gaza Port,” is yet another example of NGO political warfare targeting the Jewish state.

Ali Abunimah

Danish-Palestinian Friendship Association


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