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Analysis of Federal Council Answers to Questions on NGO Funding by MP Alfred Heer

BDS on American Campuses: SJP and its NGO Network

NGO Monitor´s campus report identifies the broad coalition of organizations that are funding, training and assisting BDS activists on US campuses.

NGOs, the EU, and Product Labeling: A First Step in BDS against Israel

The proposed EU policy of labeling products exported from Israeli communities built over the "Green Line" comes after advocacy from NGOs and activists working toward the goal of a comprehensive boycott of Israel.

NGO Involvement in the American Anthropological Association Boycott Resolution

Amnesty´s War on Israel: Accusations of "Unlawful Killings" without Evidence

In its condemnations of Israel stopping Palestinian stabbing attacks, Amnesty International relies on faulty evidence and flawed methodology to portray Palestinians as victims and Israeli security personnel as aggressors, regardless of circumstance.

IHL Secretariat Grantees´ Reaction to the Terror Wave: Impact of Funding from Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands

Many highly politicized NGOs that are funded by the IHL Scretariat (composed of Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands) have issued problematic statements regarding the recent wave of terror, which ignore attacks against civilians and Israel's right to self-defense.

NGO Statements to the 30th Session of the UNHRC

During the 30th session of the UN Human Rights Council, a number of highly biased and politicized NGOs, which receive extensive funding from foreign governments, made false, distorted and unsubstantiated allegations, contributing to the international demonization of Israel.

The NGO "Excessive Force" Campaign and Its Impact

In response to the recent wave of terror, government officials, repeating claims made by highly politicized NGOs, have accused Israel of using "excessive force" when responding to attacks against Israeli civilians, criminalizing Israel´s right to defend itself.

European-funded PCHR’s Obscene Attack on Human Rights

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights, an organization funded by many European governments, distorts the reality of the recent wave of terror, claiming that the attackers are innocent, and denies Israelis of their human rights to life and safety.

Most Human Rights NGOs Avoid Clear Condemnations in Latest Terror Wave

NGOs with stated human rights agendas, who are generally extremely vocal regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict, have avoided condemning the recent terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens, instead focusing only on the Israeli response to such attacks.

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