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NGO Statements to UNHRC Session Creating Another “Goldstone”

The vast majority of NGOs that appeared before the UN Human Rights Council session on July 23 condemned alleged Israeli war crimes and called for a Goldstone-like investigation into the current conflict.

Israeli NGOs Behind "Goldstone 2"

As with the Goldstone process, a network of highly politicized NGOs have been repeating unsupported allegations of Israeli “war crimes” and campaigning for a UN “investigation” into the current conflict.

Political NGOs Push for Another “Goldstone” Pseudo-Investigation

NGOs have renewed their campaign of political warfare against Israel, calling for UN and international “fact-finding missions” to investigate alleged Israeli “war crimes".

B’Tselem’s Expanding Credibility Gap

Following Hagai El-Ad’s appointment to head the NGO, B’Tselem’s unsupported factual and legal claims and blatant political agenda have multiplied, further reducing credibility.

NGO Statements to the UNHRC Following Israeli Teenagers’ Kidnapping

The vast majority of NGOs that made statements before the UNHRC general debate on June 24 failed to denounce the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli teenagers.

Analysis of NGO Agendas and Distortions on the Gaza Conflict

As in previous rounds of the Arab-Israeli conflict, political NGOs have issued numerous unfound statements condemning Israel.

NGO Statements on Violence Before Operation Protective Edge

Transparency and Due Diligence in U.S. Government Funding for Israeli and Palestinian NGOs: 2014 Update

U.S. funding continues to go to NGOs active in anti-Israel and BDS campaigns that directly contradict U.S. government support for peace in the region.

Islamic Relief’s Alleged Hamas Links Implicate European Funders

The alleged channeling of funds from Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) to Hamas demonstrates the need for an immediate, comprehensive, and transparent review by IRW’s European donors and supporters.

German Funding for Political Advocacy NGOs Active in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

German funding to political NGOs active in the Arab-Israeli conflict often supports radical organizations that oppose peace, promote demonization, political warfare, and in some cases, blatant antisemitism.

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