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Preliminary Critique of PHR-I "Independent Medical Fact-Finding Mission"

Physicians for Human Rights- Israel´s medical "fact-finding" report demonstrates a serious lack of expertise, methodology and objective research, highlighting its politicized agenda of demonizing Israel.

Islamic Relief Worldwide’s 2014 Internal Investigation

The information provided by IRW regarding its internal investigation is insufficient. NGO Monitor recommends that an independent, transparent, and comprehensive audit of IRW’s international activities and funding mechanisms be undertaken immediately.

The Lancet as a Political Platform for NGOs: Study of Articles on Palestinian and Israeli Health Care 2001 - 2014

By taking a highly politicized course in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, The Lancet has ostracized, and to a large extent, demonized Israel and the Israeli medical community.

The Irene Khan Affair

“Workers’ Rights are Human Rights”

Lending Legitimacy to Terror? Amnesty’s Partnership with CAGE

Come All Ye Haters: NGO Exploitation of Religious Themes to Demonize Israel

At the height of the holiday season, NGOs, well-known charities, and church groups are once again exploiting Christmas to conduct political warfare against Israel.

Amnesty´s Disproportionate Focus on Israel

Amnesty International: Founding, Structure, and Lost Vision

Adalah´s Database of Laws: Imagining Racism to Demonize Israel

Adalah´s "Discriminatory Law in Israel" database is yet another attempt by the NGO to reject the legitimacy of the Jewish state and promote the international demonization of Israel.

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