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NIF Announces End of Support for CWP, Confirming NGO Monitor Research

After a year of denials and equivocating on the funding relationship between NIF and CWP, NIF issued a statement that “We have asked CWP to remove our name and funding direction from their website.”

Who Profits from the BDS Campaign? Review of Coalition of Women for Peace

CWP is a leader in the boycotts, divestments, and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, primarily through its Who Profits project. Campaigns include the UC Berkeley divestment effort (2010), the Norwegian Government’s Pension Fund which led to divestment from Elbit, and targeting of banks, security companies, civil infrastructure facilities, and private firms.

International NGOs and the Second Gaza Flotilla: Links to Terror, No Humanitarian Purpose

Overview of NGOs participating in and endorsing the flotilla to Gaza. This page will be updated regularly with more details on NGO involvement.

NGOs and the Gaza Flotilla - Resource Page

International NGOs and the Second Gaza Flotilla (July 2011) : Links to Terror with No Humanitarian Purpose

Goldstone and NGOs

Submission to the Norwegian Broadcasting Council’s hearings on NRK’s coverage of Israel

Analysis of UK Government funding for Israeli and Palestinian Political Advocacy NGOs: 2008-2011

In recent years, the British government has ended funding for a number of Israeli political advocacy NGOs, but it still supports Breaking the Silence, B´Tselem, and others. UK funding also goes to pro-BDS groups.

European government-funded NGOs’ “solidarity visit” with families of murder suspects

Submission to the Human Rights Council Review Open-Ended Working Group

NGOs vs. Goldstone: NGO Monitor Analysis

Goldstone’s Washington Post op-ed, retracting the substance of the UNHRC “Goldstone Report,” undermines the credibility of the NGOs that provided the false allegations. In response, NGOs and NGO officials have issued numerous statements distorting and rewriting Goldstone’s words, in an effort to preserve their credibility.

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