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ACRI promotes anti-Jewish discrimination through "Judaization" libel in Jerusalem

ACRI’s report is based almost exclusively on Palestinian “testimony.” None of the claims can be verified independently, and the “testimony” is clearly designed to promote the desired political conclusions.The publication is entirely one-sided and reinforces the artificial image and ideology of Palestinian victimization. The surprising use of the phrase “Judaize” erases the intense Jewish historical connection to Jerusalem and suggests that the very presence of Jews is alien and unacceptable.

The Israeli NGO Transparency Bill - Essential Background and Translation

Memo to Turkel Commission on the "Free Gaza Flotilla"

NGOs, Universal Human Rights and Gilad Shalit: Four Years of Double Standards

For most of the four years since the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, most human rights NGOs have ignored his situation. On the fourth anniversary of Shalit’s capture, most of these NGOs continued their silence. The exceptions were HRW, B’Tselem, and PCATI. Amnesty International, which was initially active, to a limited degree, on the Shalit issue, was silent.

Ethical Guidelines for the New Israel Fund (NIF)

NGO Monitor Submission to UN Human Rights Committee

On July 13 and 14, 2010, Israel was reviewed by the United Nations Human Rights Committee as part of its periodic review of country compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. To highlight the activity of NGOs in furthering the delegitimization of Israel within UN frameworks, in contrast to upholding the norms of universal human rights, NGO Monitor submitted its own report to the Committee.

Mada al-Carmel: “Rape” poster and Haifa Declaration

Lost at Sea: NGO Legal Distortions in the Wake of the Flotilla Incident

NGO Campaigns and the “Free Gaza Flotilla”

NGO Involvement in the Gaza Boat Flotilla

Charities, NGOs, and other groups claiming human rights and humanitarian aid goals have been deeply involved in the demonization of Israel. The “Free Gaza Flotilla” highlights this façade of morality exploited for this political warfare.

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