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NGO Factual and Legal Distortions on Gaza “Media Center” Attacks

The NGOs incorrectly declare that Israel acted unlawfully -- simply because the buildings contained civilians. Under international humanitarian law, if civilian objects are being used for military objectives, they are indeed legitimate targets.

Presumed Guilty: NIF's NGO Network Promotes War Crimes Myths Again

As in the past, these NGOs insinuate that Israel is guilty of war crimes and related violations, usually without providing any evidence or proof, contributing to demonization campaigns.

Analysis of Statements by Political NGOs on Gaza Crisis - November 2012

None of these groups condemned the rocket attacks from Gaza - each one a war crime - targeting Israeli civilians, which had intensified in the week before and triggered the Israeli response. Updated November 22, 2012

ICAHD faces “financial collapse…due to over-dependency on a few major donors”

ICAHD’s extensive difficulties demonstrate the degree to which political advocacy NGOs are dependent institutionally on what some funders refer to as “project support.”

Questions Remain for the New Israel Fund on the Signing Anew/Haaretz “apartheid” poll

The relationship between NIF, Signing Anew, and this controversy is more complex than acknowledged by NIF, and adds to the questions that have been raised regarding NIF’s decision making and due diligence in awarding grants and supervising the activities of politicized grantees.

Irish Government Funding for Political NGOs Involved in Anti-Israel Campaigns

Irish Aid, Ireland’s assistance program for developing countries, funds Israeli, Palestinian, Irish, and international NGOs involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict, including many that participate in anti-Israel activities. The same is true for Trócaire, a church-based humanitarian aid framework that also receives government funds.

NIF 2011 Funding: One Step Forward, One Step Back

New funding in 2011 includes three divisive NGOs: +972 Magazine, Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement, and Human Rights Defenders Fund. Support ended for Mada al-Carmel, Al-Qaws, and Coalition of Women for Peace.

Update on Swedish Funding for NGOs

NGO Transparency Law Implementation - Update

In the first quarter of 2012, 29 of 40 NGO projects that received foreign government funding relate to the Arab-Israeli conflict. In this time period, Norway provided 3,045,071 NIS to Israeli NGOs.

BDS IN THE PEWS: European, US, and Canadian Government Funding Behind Anti-Israel Activism in Mainline Churches

Taxpayer funds are transferred to highly politicized NGOs that promote BDS, the one-state solution and, in many cases, antisemitic supercessionist, or replacement, theologies within mainline churches worldwide.

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