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Analysis of New Israel Fund (NIF) Funding for Divisive Campaigns

´Tis the Season 2013: How Anti-Israel NGOs Manipulate Christmas

NGOs (non-government organizations) and well-known charities are exploiting the 2013 Christmas season with political warfare against Israel.

NGOs and the Negev Bedouin Issue in the Context of Political Warfare

The involvement of political advocacy NGOs in the issue over Bedouin citizens and land claims in the Negev contributes significantly to the demonization and delegitimization of Israel.

NGO Monitor’s Response to Methodist Church in Britain’s BDS Survey

After examining the questionnaire of the Methodist Church regarding the BDS movement, NGO Monitor has concluded that the survey presumes exclusive Israeli guilt for the origins and perpetuation of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

NGO Transparency Law update: NGO reports to Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits in 2012

Transparency regarding government funding for NGOs transcends partisan ideology, and is essential for ensuring the values of democracy and accountability. (Full 2012 Update)

Manipulating Israeli Justice: An Analysis of Yesh Din´s EU-Funded Lawfare Report

Israeli NGO Yesh Din publishes a report, funded by the European Union, calling on the adoption of legislation to “criminalize war crimes in Israeli law.”

European Government Funding for Zochrot’s “Return of Palestinian Refugees” Conference

Zochrot is funded by a number of church-based foundations, which are primarily funded by European governments. The funding for Zochrot contradicts the foreign policies of these governments.

Australian National University conference: NGO speakers and British Academy “sponsorship”

Analysis of the European Commission’s response to NGO Monitor’s report: EU Funding of Radical NGOs

Spanish Government (AECID) Funding for Political Advocacy NGOs Active in the Arab-Israeli Conflict – Updated with 2012 Grants

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