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NGOs, Antisemitism, and Government Funding: NGO Monitors Report to the 2015 Global Forum on Antisemitism

The ongoing government funding for NGOs that engage in antisemitic activities and utilize antisemitic rhetoric highlights the persistent double standard: Hatred of Jews is tolerated in a way that would be unthinkable for other racial, ethnic, or religious groups.


BDS (Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions)

Campaigns of Demonization


Church Funding



Norwegian Funding Update 2016

An analysis of Norwegian funding to international, Israeli, and Palestinian NGOs active in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

International NGOs

Israeli NGOs

Lawfare and International Law

Media and the “Halo Effect”

North America

US Capitol

Senate Report Highlights Absence of Oversight in NGO Funding

The findings of a Senate report detailing the use of resources developed with State Department funding to advance political campaigns in Israel highlight the need for greater oversight in US funding of political advocacy NGOs.

Palestinian NGOs



The NGO "Excessive Force" Campaign and Its Impact

In response to the recent wave of terror, government officials, repeating claims made by highly politicized NGOs, have accused Israel of using "excessive force" when responding to attacks against Israeli civilians, criminalizing Israels right to defend itself.


Transparency & Government Funding