NGO Monitor has analyzed the 2015 financial reports of the New Israel Fund (NIF), detailing grants to a wide variety of Israeli non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Our analysis focuses on the 18% of NIF funding authorized to 25 advocacy NGOs that are also funded by European governments and active in political campaigns that involve, to different degrees, demonization of Israel, including BDS and lawfare.

NIF’s financial documents also show:

  • Expenses in 2015 were $31 million, approximately the same as in 2014. Total revenue was $33 million, an 11% increase from 2014 ($30 million).
  •  Total authorized grants were approximately $13.8 million in 2015, a 5.8% decrease from 2014 ($14.7 million). (See Table 1.)

Table 1: Overview of NIF Finances 2013-2015

Total Expenses*32,228,84931,057,80430,976,64030,785,908
Total Revenue*28,400,18929,773,90333,062,78328,139,397
Grants Authorized*16,420,64614,714,21613,851,61413,541,427
Grants Paid*17,985,33614,334,67714,519,75913,582,492
Donor Advised Grants**14,276,64210,370,98210,763,898

*Data from NIF 2015 Financial Report
**Donor advised grants are a subset listed in the NIF website under “Grants of 2015,” in which individual donors designate the grantees, with the approval of the NIF.

Key Findings

  • The amounts listed in the annual financial statements comprise both “Core Grants” directly from the NIF and “Donor Advised” grants. An online report details the division between these two funding formats.
  • A number of NGOs involved in political activities related to the demonization of Israel continue to be funded by NIF, as documented by NGO Monitor.
  • In 2015, authorized grants to these 25 political advocacy NGOs amounted to $2.5 million, a 6.6% decrease from 2014. (See Table 2.) It is not clear if this represents a change in policy or reflects a pattern of multiyear grants.
  • Many of the advocacy NGOs receive more “donor advised” funds than NIF core grants, suggesting that these donors have a major role in setting the NIF agenda. (See Table 3.) This also suggests the need for a discussion of the relationship of these donors and their preferred grantees within the NIF network.
  • As of 2015, it appears from the data that NIF no longer funds Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement (SJSM) and Social TV.
  • In addition to NIF funding, the 25 listed NGOs receive substantial direct and indirect funding from European governments. (See Table 4.) Inasmuch as NIF funding “reflect[s] [] progressive values” and is geared toward strengthening the “progressive camp in Israel,” this funding suggests that European governments are attempting to achieve the same political and ideological objectives in the Israeli democratic context.

Table 2: Multiyear Review of Authorized Grants to Political NGOs (2011 – 2015, USD)

Breaking the Silence120,94785,11583,993138,882104,304438,766359,219
Combatants for Peace---5,00020,24322,86221,180
Emek Shave---40040,35020,35031,275
Haqel: Jews and Arabs in Defense of Human Rights-----78,375140,972
Human Rights Defenders Fund224,34032,36575,92091,300199,000217,695175,984
Social TV37,40025,00039,0004,000-2,0008,070
Ir Amim89,058279,23595,131146,978105,587180,498178,334
Kerem Navot-----40,90212,610
Machsom Watch (Womens Fund for Human Rights)28,78132,270118,78869,968243,53587,077129,397
Negev Coexistence Forum39,46645,53249,33969,86149,88861,67273,406
Nine Seven Two10,00084,38931,37854,12038,11717,332127,531
Public Committee against Torture in Israel28,00066,5821,6705,01541,64336,00038,450
Physicians for Human Rights161,864166,46471,380185,26291,679102,90686,894
Rabbis for Human Rights328,92727,114295,493243,464296,420107,64842,775
Parents Circle: Bereaved Parents0014,2252,80716,9024,9272,689
Sadaka Reut24,2037,91013,69127,56438,4306,84411,050
SISO- Stop the Israeli Occupation-----120,100101,242
Solidarity Sheikh Jarah-7,91013,961-15000---
Terrestrial Jerusalem---20,00010,000-20,000
Yesh Din49,55036,37150,06351,23674,750121,871176,214

Table 3: Division between core and donor advised grants (USD)

NGOCoreDonor AdvisedTotal (Paid)
Breaking the Silence32,000117,727124,727
Combatants for Peace013,39313,393
Emek Shave40,00040020,400
Human Rights Defenders Fund120,00074,000149,000
Ir Amim35,00073,887110,087
Machsom Watch (Womens Fund for Human Rights)25,000189,060214,060
Negev Coexistence Forum35,00011,88852,888
Nine Seven Two053,29253,292
Public Committee against Torture in Israel21,00015,64341,643
Physicians for Human Rights086,74095,490
Rabbis for Human Rights0221,457275,457
Parents Circle: Bereaved Parents09,9029,902
Re'ut Sadaka026,2002,6200
Terrestrial Jerusalem000
Yesh Din20,00055,77875,779

Table 4: Foreign government funding as reported quarterly by NIF-supported NGOs (2015, USD)

NGOForeign Government Funding
Breaking the Silence599,421
Combatants for Peace26,886
Emek Shave185,628
Human Rights Defenders Fund83,811
Ir AmimNA
Machsom Watch (Womens Fund for Human Rights)64,693
Negev Coexistence Forum188,804
Nine Seven Two14,258
Public Committee against Torture in Israel430,484
Physicians for Human Rights639,388
Rabbis for Human Rights203,843
Parents Circle: Bereaved Parents554,627
Re'ut SadakaNA
Terrestrial Jerusalem378,241
Yesh Din1,588,654