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In their own wordsWorking in France and 64 countries worldwide, Doctors of the World - Médecins du Monde is an independent international movement of campaigning activists who provide care, bear witness and support social change.


  • In 2017, total income was €98 million, of which €46.5 million came from government donors; total expenses were €97.2 million.
  • Donors include the European Union, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, and the United Nations.
  • In 2018, France (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development – MAEDI) via the Center of Crises and Support (CDCS) and the municipality of Paris provided MdM with €100,000 and €50,000 respectively for a project aimed at the “tragic deterioration of the state of primary health care infrastructure through years of blockade and high population pressure [in Gaza].”
    • In 2015, MAEDI provided MdM with €200,000 for the “protection of the most vulnerable communities in the south of the West Bank.”
  • In 2016, MdM received €893,000 from Germany for “Support for victims of the war and the blockade.”


International Advocacy

  • In February 2017, MdM held a meeting in France with the French Green Party (EELV) and the Israeli NGO Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, aimed at “alarming and raising awareness of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, parliamentarians, political parties, NGOs ,and representatives of the civil society…it is about convincing them to act to put an end to hardships, restrictions and violations of humanitarian rights in the occupied territories.”
  • In 2016, MdM and Première Urgence Internationale (PUI) addressed the French National Assembly, accusing the IDF of “not hesitating to shoot farmers and fishermen” that cross the Access Restricted Areas (zone within Gaza and the Gaza territorial waters under the control of the Israeli army). Omitting the context of violence and terrorism under which the blockade on Gaza was established, the NGOs advocated for conditioning the European Union’s aid to Israel in order to “exercise pressures on the Israeli government to remove the illegal blockade.”
  • In 2014, MdM and PUI participated in a roundtable discussion with a group of French Parliamentarians on the “impact and the dramatic consequences of settler violence.”


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