(Jerusalem) – NGO Monitor today revealed that the Palestinian NGO Al-Mezan, behind the effort to arrest Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, is funded by a number of European governments.  Although the UK authorities rejected the attempt, NGO Monitor notes that Al-Mezan’s role is another example of the abuse of European taxpayer funding in the anti-Israel ‘lawfare’ campaign.

  • Al-Mezan’s core donors include the Norwegian government and a joint framework including Sweden, Switzerland, Holland and Denmark known as NDC.  Additional project donors to Al-Mezan include the European Commission, Ford Foundation, Diakonia (Sweden) and Trocaire (Ireland)
  • Al-Mezan’s activities reflect a consistent anti-Israel agenda and demonization, including claims of Israeli ‘apartheid’.
  •  This case is the latest stage in the NGO-led ‘lawfare’ campaign.  Under the façade of judicial processes, NGOs utilize universal jurisdiction provisions to promote and justify the isolation and boycotts of Israel and its leaders.
  •  UK courts have rejected all previous NGO cases against Israeli leaders, showing the emphasis on publicity. Previous UK cases include those against Doron Almog and Shaul Mofaz, involving Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR). In November 2008 and July 2009, the UK Court of Appeal dismissed cases brought by Al Haq against the UK government to end export licenses to Israel.

NGO Monitor’s President, Prof Gerald Steinberg said, “European governments that funnel taxpayer funds to these radical NGOs are paying for the demonization of Israel, and fueling the conflict.

Al-Mezan has joined other NGOs in using the courts to promote anti-Israel bias. In addition to the attack on Ehud Barak, Al-Mezan also contributed to the foundations of the Goldstone report, which is another form of ‘lawfare’”.
Editors Notes:

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