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UN Humanitarian Aid Clusters

  • As part of its “Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP),” OCHA organizes “Thematic Clusters” including Protection, Education, Shelter, Health and Nutrition, WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene), and the Food Security Sector (FSS). Within each cluster, NGOs serve as implementing partners with UN agencies, and in some cases, are responsible for leading the cluster.
  • In practice, the cluster system is a key international lobbying and action mechanism through which the PA advances its nationalist and political agenda, sustaining conflict.
  • As part of the 2021 HRP, NGOs received $374 million (out of a requested $417.6 million) in government-provided humanitarian aid within the different clusters.
  • Numerous NGOs that receive funding under the HRP support BDS and other overtly political campaigns against Israel, and several have ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist organization.


Advocacy within Humanitarian Clusters

  • Within the Protection Cluster, UNICEF-oPt heads the “Working Group on Grave Violations against Children” to monitor and report on alleged instances of grave violations against Palestinian children. The Working Group includes organizations that have ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terror group and/or are prominent actors in anti-Israel BDS and lawfare campaigns. 
    • UNICEF and the NGO members of the Working Group are active in a coordinated attempt to place Israel on a blacklist of “grave” violators of children’s rights, alongside ISIS, Boko Haram, and Al-Qaeda. The list appears as an annex to the UN Secretary-General’s annual report on Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC). (For more information, see NGO Monitor’s report “UNICEF and its NGO Working Group: Failing Children.”)
  • On March 21, 2017 and March 29, 2017, in meetings held at the Ministry of Agriculture in Gaza City and Ramallah, the Food Security Sector (FSS), along with representatives from international and Palestinian NGOs, were urged by its partner Action Against Hunger (ACF) to participate in an advocacy “hashtag” campaign to mark “50 Years of Israeli Occupation,” using #thisisoccupation and #endtheoccupation.
  • Connie Martinez-Varela Pedersen is the current Cluster Coordinator for the Protection Cluster and a Human Rights Officer at OHCHR. Pedersen previously worked as the director of international advocacy for the politicized Israeli NGO Yesh Din.
  • In 2017, the Food Security Sector (FSS) stated that it would “conduct Bilateral meetings (lobby trip, Consulate, Embassy), hearing at the European Parliament and other international fora.” FSS also stated that it would focus on sending “clear messages about the illegality of the following”:
    • “Israeli settlements, hence settler violence are illegal under IHL”
    • “Stop settlements expansion”
    • “Stop the forcible transfer of Palestinian Bedouins and herders with its negative consequences on their livelihoods.”
  • In August 2014, the Protection Cluster relied on B’TselemAl Mezan, and Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) for reporting on Palestinian casualties in Gaza during the 2014 Gaza war. Most, if not all, claims were based upon those of the Hamas Ministry of Health.
    • Former and current senior PCHR officials have ties to the PFLP.
  • Since 2013, under the “oPt Education Cluster,” UNICEF has partnered with Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) in providing “protective presence” to Palestinian children going to and from school.
    • EAPPI brings volunteers to the West Bank for three months to “witness life under occupation.” Upon completion of the program, the volunteers return to their home countries and churches where many engage in anti-Israel advocacy, including advocating for BDS campaigns in churches, comparing Israel to apartheid South Africa and Nazi Germany, and other delegitimization strategies.
    • EAPPI also participates in the UN’s Protection Cluster Working Group (PCWG) and the Settler Violence Core Group (SVCG). EAPPI’s role in these groups is “ongoing submission[s] of incident reports to the SVCG, UN agencies and other relevant actors. Participation in meetings of the Silwan Task Force/East Jerusalem Task force and AIDA, and the Education Cluster.” EAPPI volunteers “monitor for human rights violations and do a lot of administrative work which is fed into UN systems” (emphasis added).

2019-2021 Funding Received by Cluster

Shelter/NFI (Non Food Item)$7,644,579$15,975,086$4,892,118$23,415,540
Health and Nutrition$6,258,356$45,756,609$46,654,706$19,808,878
WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene)$13,283,682$14,260,608$14,930,602$20,474,650
Food Security Sector (FSS)$46,316,779$220,049,875$126,664,789$138,757,797
Coordination and Support Services$7,298,363$8,171,238$3,652,787$3,706,809
Total NGO Funding$95,500,071$472,356,238$253,659,523$239,582,476

UN OCHA oPt –HF Funding to NGOs (amounts based on the UN’s Financial Tracking Service)

(* = PFLP linked NGO)

Medical Aid for PalestiniansAddressing the urgent needs of the MoH to support the COVID 19 response plan in Gaza2020$500,551
Provision of life saving drugs and disposables to respond to the emergency medical needs in Gaza2019$845,630
Addressing the needs of Limb Reconstruction patients$2,320,333
Ma’an Development CenterEmergency Shelter Assistance for IDP Families in the Gaza Strip 2021$698,181
Emergency Supplies of NFIs for the Vulnerable People at Higher Risk of COVID192020$325,006
Emergency Repair of Essential WASH Facilities in the Gaza Strip$231,505
Coordinated Preposition of Life ¬Saving Non¬ Food Items and Shelter materials for Host-Community Emergency Responses in the Gaza Strip2019$433,821
Emergency Shelter response for the Most Vulnerable Households in Area C of the Jordan Valley$491,528
Supporting the vulnerable farmers affected in Area C by and prone to settler violence for sustained and improved livelihood$464,779
ACTEDSupport to Augusta Victoria Hospital and 2022 Multi-Sector Needs Assessment (MSNA) in oPt2022$297,325
Multi-Sector Needs Assessment (MSNA) in oPt2021$375,225
Emergency food security and livelihoods support to the most vulnerable households affected by the May 2021 hostilities in the Gaza strip$525,000
Providing an emergency assistance to respond to the shelter and NFI needs of vulnerable households affected by the May 2021 hostilities in Middle Area, Khan Younis and Rafah governorates, Gaza Strip$500,000
Immediate support for farmers, herders, and fishers to reactivate their production and plan for the next production cycles$175,000
Improving quarantine centers' and vulnerable households’ capacities to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic2020$150,000
Shelter emergency assistance to vulnerable households exposed to harsh weather and protection concerns in the Gaza Strip$250,000
Increasing and strengthening emergency preparedness and response of Rafah community, through NFI prepositioning and community empowerment 2019$415,487
Emergency multi-sectoral assistance to vulnerable households affected by man-made and natural disasters in the West Bank including East Jerusalem$319,892
Save the ChildrenAccess to Safe and Inclusive Education through Providing Rehabilitation Services for Governmental schools in 3 Governorates of Gaza Strip2021$315,514
Urgent Food E-Voucher support for the War-affected most vulnerable families in Gaza strip $438,378
WASH rehabilitation of vulnerable households in Gaza stripChild Protection and MHPSS responses for girls, boys and families most affected by the recent escalation of violence in Gaza$343,761
Child Protection and MHPSS responses for girls, boys and families most affected by the recent escalation of violence in GazaChild Protection and MHPSS responses for girls, boys and families most affected by the recent escalation of violence in Gaza$293,271
Enhanced quality of life for communities at risk of flooding in Jabalia2020$364,999
Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS)Providing comprehensive PHC services for affected population in Gaza strip2021$496,944
Improving access to adequate health and nutritional care services for children under five and women in Access restricted areas of Gaza Strip.2020$501,502
Mobile outreach providing accessible and equitable primary healthcare to H2 via mobile outreach and community building capacity building.$195,700
Improved emergency health care for GMR injured in the Gaza Strip2019$331,593
OxfamWASH Emergency Response and support for affected vulnerable population in the Gaza Strip2021$257,000
Urgent Cash Support for Affected Farmers in Gaza and North Gaza.$651,614
WASH Emergency Response and support for affected vulnerable population in the Gaza Strip$90,000
Oxfam NovibEmergency Livelihood Support to Affected Farmers2021$535,303
Livelihood restoration and protection for Area C vulnerable farmers2020$300,000
Food Assistance to Vulnerable HHs in the Gaza and North Governorates$462,315
Rehabilitation of destroyed and deteriorated public WASH facilities located in vulnerable and undeserved communities in the Gaza Strip$414,467
Improving access to WASH services for fragile families in the eastern area of Gaza governorate2019$500,000
Food Assistance for under-served food insecure HHs in the Gaza Strip$439,993
Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC)Immediate Support for Small Scale Farmers Affected by May 2021 Escalation of Hostilities in the Gaza Strip 2021$301,247
Enhance Farmers' resilience through Improving food security for most vulnerable Households in Jordan Valley2020$149,995
Enhance the resilience and food security of vulnerable farmers in area c (North-West Jerusalem and Ramallah through land and Road rehabilitation2019$311,157
Enhance the resilience and food security of vulnerable farmers in area c$388,627
Urgent support to vulnerable poor farmers in the ARA and poor vulnerable households in the Gaza Strip$384,467
Emergency response to improve access to safe, sufficient and affordable water for the vulnerable population in area C, West Bank$298,375
Women’s Affairs CenterImproving accessibility to dignified and safe multi-sectoral protection and prevention services for acutely vulnerable women and girls survivors of sexual and gender-based violence in high priority areas in the Gaza Strip2021$327,292
Protection of Most Vulnerable Women and Girls including GBV Survivors with Disabilities, Chronically Ill, and Women With Breast Cancer Through Coordinated and Multisectoral Specialized Responses.2020$200,000
Protection of Vulnerable Women and Girls Survivors of GBV in the Gaza Strip Through Coordinated and Multisectoral Responses2019$410,423
Union of Health Work Committees*Providing elective surgeries to patients registered on the waiting list at the Ministry of Health – Gaza Strip - OPT2020$504,270
Protection response mechanisms are in place to prevent and mitigate the effects of GBV on women and girls in Easter area of Khanyounis – Southern Gaza Strip$200,047
Ensuring lifesaving health services for trauma cases2019$634,055
Ensure the availability, accessibility, affordability and quality of reproductive health services to the marginalized women in allover Gaza Strip$505,243
Gaza Community Mental Health ProgrammeProvision of Specialized Mental Health Services to Boys, Girls, Women And Men with and without Disabilities who Affected by the Ongoing Crises In The Gaza Strip2021$401,247
Provision of Specialized Mental Health and Free Telephone Counseling (Hotline) Services to Women, Men, Boys and Girls Affected by Violence in the Gaza Strip. 2020$274,449
Provision of Mental Health and Psycho-Social Services to Women, Men, Boys and Girls Affected by Violence in the context of demonstrations at the perimeter fence of Gaza Strip2019$426,933
Health Work Committees*Increase Access to Essential Health Services for Marginalized Communities in Hebron H22020$305,054
Norwegian Refugee CouncilImmediate shelter solutions to the conflict-affected people in North Gaza Strip2021$540,000
Addressing the emotional and learning needs of the most affected children in East and North Gaza$360,000
First Standard Allocation 20202020$349,999
Information, Counseling and Legal Assistance (ICLA) to Protect Palestinians in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) from Forcible Transfer2019$350,000
Strengthen WASH preparedness and response capacity of vulnerable communities to winter floods$600,000
Most vulnerable households exposed to impacts of harsh weather and protection concerns are supported to meet their basic shelter needs and enhance their coping capacity$352,488
Islamic Relief WorldwideUrgent food assistance for the most vulnerable groups affected by COVID-19 lockdown in Gaza Strip2020$353,503
Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR)*Advocacy, monitoring and documentation of HR and IHL violations and related trends in the Gaza Strip and West Bank2021$194,255
Monitoring , verification and documentation of possible IHL,IHRL violations in the context of great march of return, And provision of legal aid to victims of GBV in the Gaza Strip2019$243,792
Al Mezan*Monitoring and documentation of IHL and IHRL violations in the Gaza Strip with focus on violations in the context of the GMR protests and grave violations against children2019$244,756
Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution (PCDCR)Emergency Response Teams for protection and psychosocial needs of GMR injured individuals and affected families in North, Gaza, and Khan Younis Governorates2019$355,773
Protection and psychosocial response to GMR injured individuals and affected families in the Middle Area and Rafah Governorates$240,027
Physicians for Human Rights Israel Providing Essential Health Services and Health System Strengthening in the Gaza Strip2019$439,172
Terre des HommesProvision of multi-sectorial services to vulnerable children and their families affected by May's escalation2021$119,032
Responding to the Needs of Vulnerable Children in the Gaza Strip through Integrated Child Protection Services2019$260,001
Provision of integrated multi-sectoral protection services to vulnerable children and their families in the Gaza Strip$417,793
DanChurchAidSafe and secure trauma for Gaza vulnerable people2019$395,824
CARE InternationalProtecting livelihoods and Improving Resilience of the herding communities in the Bethlehem eastern slopes- Area C - West Bank2019$318,789
Union of Agricultural Work Committee (UAWC)*Emergency Response to Promote Access to Adequate Sanitation, Safe Water and Best Knowledge on Hygiene Practices2019$356,117
Lutheran World FederationSupport to Augusta Victoria Hospital and 2022 Multi-Sector Needs Assessment (MSNA) in oPt2022$499,996

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