• The Swiss government funds numerous Israeli and Palestinian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) through the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA/EDA), Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC/DEZA), and representative offices in Tel Aviv and Ramallah. Switzerland indirectly funds NGOs through multiple UN frameworks and aid organizations such as the Norwegian Refugee Council, Diakonia, and the Swiss church group HEKS.
  • In 2021-2024, the Swiss government is expected to grant CHF 32 million in direct and indirect funding to NGOs active in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Some of these groups promote antisemitic rhetoric and have alleged ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) – a designated terrorist organization by the USEUCanada, and Israel.
  • In June 2021, Switzerland endorsed the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism.
  • In January, 2020, the Swiss government published an evaluation of funding to Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza titled “Cooperation with non-governmental organizations in partner countries of international cooperation”:
    • NGO Monitor’s review of this report shows that the evaluation fails to effectively and impartially analyze the distribution of Swiss funds. Instead, the evaluation relies on the self-reporting and opinions of Swiss government grantees.
    • The evaluation does not address the core issue that inspired the mandated review, namely, funding to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) “involved in racist anti-Semitic or inflammatory activities.”
  • In June 2017, the Swiss Parliament adopted a resolution to “amend the laws, ordinances and regulations so that Switzerland can no longer subsidize, even indirectly, development cooperation projects carried out by NGOs involved in racism or incitement.”

Developments Since the October 7th Hamas Massacre

Direct Funding

The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA/EDA) funds multiple Israeli and Palestinian NGOs directly through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC/DEZA), Department of Human Security, Abteilung Menschliche Sicherheit (AMS), the Swiss Embassy in Tel-Aviv, and the Swiss Representative Office in Ramallah. See table below for full funding information.

Swiss Funding to Palestinian NGOs

Swiss Funding to Israeli NGOs

  • In 2023, 7amleh received CHF 177,020.
    • Since 2016, 7amleh has campaigned against Facebook’s, Twitter’s, and Instagram’s policies of taking down posts featuring incitement to violence, support for terror, and antisemitism, arguing that social media platforms “all too often lead to the silencing and erasure of critical voices,” “censor[ing] Palestinian voices,” and attacking “free speech.”
    • 7amleh board members and officials have used Facebook to celebrate violence against Israelis
    • On October 7, Board Member Neveen Abu Rahmoun posted on Facebook, “The Palestinian resistance is imposing a new stage since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa flood operation by resistance fighters infiltrating into numerous Israeli neighborhoods in the settlements, by creating points of contact, and by firing rockets of the resistance. Israel, in its turn, is constrained by this and has announced a state of high mobilization for war. The message of the resistance is clear, it has started and it shall escalate and shall impose a new reality.”
  • In 2023, Adalah received CHF 183,760.
    • Adalah rejects the legitimacy of the Jewish state, attempting to portray it as inherently racist and discriminatory, and regularly lobbies the Israeli Supreme Court and international bodies to adopt its agenda. Adalah also partners with anti-Israel BDS groups.
    • Supports a “transformation [of Israel] in to a transnational regime in all historical Palestine,” i.e. a one-state formula. (translation by NGO Monitor)
    • In October 2023, in the aftermath of the brutal Hamas attack on October 7, Adalah posted a statement claiming, “The extremist, racist Israeli government is using the attacks by Palestinian militants as a pretext to launch illegal attacks and commit war crimes toward ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people in Gaza.”.
  • In 2023, Breaking the Silence received CHF 199,315.
    • Breaking the Silence makes sweeping accusations based on anecdotal, anonymous, and unverifiable accounts of often low-ranked soldiers. These “testimonies” lack context, are politically biased, and erase the complicated reality in the West Bank. In addition, they reflect a distorted interpretation of the conflict in order to advance the political agenda of Breaking the Silence activists, thereby fueling the international campaigns against Israel.
    • In June 2015, the cultural center in Zurich hosted an event featuring a Breaking the Silence photo exhibition, as well as “testimonies.” The event was sponsored by the Swiss Foreign Ministry, the Municipality of Zurich, and several church groups that are active in delegitimization campaigns against Israel.
  • In 2023, B’Tselem received CHF 80,979.
  • In 2023, Emek Shaveh received CHF 180,000.
    • While Emek Shaveh claims that it “oppose[s] attempts to use archaeological finds to legitimize acts that harm disadvantaged communities,” it promotes distorted facts and unsubstantiated positions that promote the Palestinian narrative of victimization and sole Israeli aggression.
  • In 2023, Gisha received CHF 124,343.
  • In 2023, Hamoked received CHF 331,338.
  • In 2023, Akevot received CHF 79,500.
    • In 2021, Akevot launched a project funded by Switzerland titled “Living Memory: Expanding Space for Critical Reflection on the Israeli Palestinian Conflict through Archival Documentation.” According to the contract between the Swiss government and Akevot, the project specifically focuses on “myth-breaking” and dismantling the founding narratives of Israel.
    • Additionally, according to the contract, Swiss funding goes to researching Israeli government archives to uncover documentation of “fraught and little-known events and mechanisms that problematize or even contradict ‘the official story’ of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” Akevot exposes the “Jewish-Israeli Public” to what it sees as the “root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” and pushes them to “recognize Israel’s responsibility for historical injustices.” A major component is a partnership with the left-leaning Haaretz newspaper, which regularly publishes articles based on and/or by Akevot reports.
  • In 2023, the Public Committee against Torture in Israel (PCATI) received CHF 52,500.
    • PCATI regularly circulates unverifiable allegations of Israeli torture, using them as the basis for campaigns of demonization in international forums.
    • In June 2023, PCATI published a joint report titled “State of the Occupation – Year 56: A Joint Situation Report” affirming that “that after 56 years of occupation, Israel’s actions in the West Bank today meet the criteria of apartheid.” According to PCATI, “The current government’s steps, motivated by its stated Jewish supremacy ideology, will also deepen the apartheid regime governing nearly all aspects of oPt Palestinians’ lives.”
  • In 2023, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel received CHF 198,682.
    • Under the guise of medical expertise and scientific fact, PHR-I promotes distorted and false narratives, aimed at demonizing and delegitimizing Israel in the international arena.
  • In 2022, Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality (NCF) received CHF 75,058.
    • Active in delegitimizing Israel internationally, and one of the most active NGOs in lobbying European governments to oppose Israel’s Bedouin-Negev policies.

Indirect Funding

Switzerland also provides indirect funding to NGOs through UN frameworks; the Swiss church group HEKS; and Diakonia



Medico International Switzerland

UN Funding

UN-OCHA oPt Humanitarian Fund

  • In 2024, Switzerland granted $1.2 million to the UN-OCHA occupied Palestinian territory Humanitarian Fund.
  • Several PFLP-linked NGOs, including UAWC, UHWC, and PCHR are regular recipients of disbursements from the “occupied Palestinian territory Humanitarian Fund.”


  • In 2024, Switzerland provided UNICEF with $670,659 for “Children’s rights.”
  • UNICEF spearheads a campaign to have Israel included on a UN blacklist of “grave” violators of children’s rights, which appears as an annex to the UN Secretary-General’s annual report on Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC). This political agenda is a primary facet of UNICEF’s activities relating to Israel, completely inconsistent with its mandate of “child protection” and from its guidelines for neutrality and impartiality. (Read NGO Monitor’s report, “UNICEF and its NGO Working Group: Failing Children.”)

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in the occupied Palestinian territory

  • In 2022-2024 SDC budgeted CHF 2 million to OHCHR for projects in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank.
  • The funding is directed to multiple NGOs including Diakonia IHL resource centre (see below), the Independent Commission of Human rights (ICHR), and other “Israeli and Palestinian NGOs supported by Switzerland.”
  • In February 2020, OHCHR published a discriminatory blacklist of entities allegedly conducting activities in areas over the 1949 Armistice line. The database aimed at economically damaging companies that are owned by Jews or do business with Israel, and is ultimately meant to harm the Jewish state.

2019-2023 Funding to NGOs active in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza

7amlehCHF 177,020CHF 148,000
AddameerCHF 135,763CHF 139,347
AdalahCHF 183,760CHF 202,400CHF 160,000CHF 181,017CHF 194,922
AkevotCHF 79,500CHF 84,000CHF 90,000CHF 82,053CHF 73,924
Al DameerCHF 11,740CHF 62,342
Al ShabakaCHF 68,096CHF 61,500CHF 73,845CHF 74,284CHF 55,787
Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ)CHF 24,005
Association of International Development Agencies (AIDA)CHF 22,771
BimkomCHF 22,226
Breaking the SilenceCHF 199,315CHF 213,750CHF 199,500CHF 106,000CHF 201,400
B’TselemCHF 80,979CHF 100,725CHF 80,000CHF 72,671CHF 75,367
Culture and Free Thought AssociationCHF 450,000CHF 424,278CHF 358,354
DiakoniaCHF 496,928
Emek ShavehCHF 180,000CHF 171,065CHF 162,390CHF 33,000CHF 69,000
Gaza Community Mental Health ProgrammeCHF 502,642CHF 631,000CHF 600,000CHF 552,227CHF 658,065
GishaCHF 124,343CHF 80,300CHF 64,000CHF 32,000CHF 74,000
HamokedCHF 331,338CHF 354,000CHF 280,000CHF 316,780CHF 340,156
Human Rights Defenders FundCHF 91,396CHF 121,389CHF 80,000CHF 60,519CHF 56,000
I’lamCHF 16,004
Islamic ReliefCHF 303,963
Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center (JLAC)CHF 215,100CHF 184,000CHF 144,000CHF 163,094CHF 156,804
Ma'an Development CenterCHF 292,300
MIFTAHCHF 215,844CHF 177,000CHF 144,000CHF 162,838CHF 175,917
Negev Coexistence ForumCHF 75,058CHF 70,058CHF 91,420CHF 64,382
Oxfam GBCHF 570,000
PalThinkCHF 30,000CHF 160,000CHF 20,000CHF 100,000
Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR)CHF 324,285CHF 342,300CHF 276,000CHF 289,586CHF 334,971
Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO)CHF 139,074CHF 186,200CHF 188,000CHF 145,156CHF 159,625
PalVisionCHF 90,230CHF 214,500
Physicians for Human Rights –Israel (PHR-I)CHF 198,682CHF 214,200CHF 168,000CHF 182,223CHF 206,371
Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counseling (WCLAC)CHF 374,838CHF 360,500CHF 280,000CHF 313,965CHF 341,114

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