On May 10-12, 2021, Palestinian terror groups in Gaza fired over 1000 rockets and mortars toward Israeli population centers – each one an unequivocal war crime. As with previous flare-ups involving Gaza, NGOs and NGO officials that claim to promote human rights have ignored the blatant Palestinian violations against Israeli civilians. Some have remained silent altogether, while others have focused exclusively on demonizing Israel for responding to the attacks or for other alleged wrongdoing.

Of note, NGOs that have been lobbying the International Criminal Court to launch an investigation into alleged war crimes committed in Gaza – including Addameer, Adalah, Al-Dameer, Al Haq, Al Mezan, B’Tselem, International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH), Palestinian Center for Human Rights, and Yesh Din – have been silent regarding Palestinian war crimes.

NGO Statements

International NGOS

Palestinian NGOs

  • Al-Dameer (Donors include European UnionSwitzerlandNational Endowment for Democracy (United States))
    • Facebook post: “Targeting civil and residential buildings demonstrates the state of the occupation State’s use of international humanitarian law. The occupation forces carried out dozens of missile and artillery attacks using all forms of warfare on towers and residential buildings in the Gaza Strip in grave violation of international human rights and humanitarian law rules. Al-Dameer strikes the continuation of the international, regional and Arab silence over the heinous crimes committed by the military occupation authorities, expresses its strong condemnation of the escalation of the Israeli occupation authorities of their aggression against the civilian population in Gaza Strip, and condemns the international silence conspiracy that is considered It serves as a green light for the occupation and covers its crimes, and demands the international community to assume its legal and moral responsibilities towards protecting civilians in the Palestinian territories, especially in the Gaza Strip. (Facebook, May 11)
    • Facebook post: “Israeli threats issued by government figures with the intention of the Israeli occupation state to escalate from its attacks against the civilian population and carry out massive war operations in the Gaza Strip. Al-Dameer considers that the failure of the international community and its failure to intervene to protect Palestinian civilians is an element of support and encouragement for the Israeli occupation state to commit more crimes against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip” (Facebook, May 10)
    • Facebook post: “Al-Dameer emphasizes that the Israeli crimes committed in the Gaza Strip are against all humanitarian and legal standards and reflect the highest degree of recklessness by the occupation forces of the lives and property of Palestinian citizens.” (Facebook, May 10)
  • Al-Haq (Donors include the European UnionNorwayIrelandItalyFrance, and Spain)
    • Tweet: “Israel has crossed all redlines in its outrageous systematic attacks against Palestinians. Condemnation is not enough. It is time for sanctions.” (Twitter, May 11)
  • Al Mezan (Donors include the European UnionNetherlandsDiakonia, and Medico International(Germany))
    • “On Monday, 10 May 2021, Israeli authorities shut down the only two functioning crossings in and out of the Gaza Strip (Erez and Kerem Shalom) and prohibited access to Palestinian waters for all naval activity, including fishing. The restrictions come in concert with an intense series of airstrikes launched by Israeli air forces that have impacted civilians and civilian infrastructure in Gaza in particular…Al Mezan expresses its serious concern at Israel’s collective punishment of Palestinians in Gaza that entails relentless and escalating breaches of the international humanitarian law principles of distinction, proportionality, and humanity. This enhanced form of collective punishment will further deprive over two million Palestinians of access to sufficient electricity, as it coincides with the shutdown of a generator at Gaza’s sole power plant due to lack of fuel” (May 11)
    • “As Al Mezan’s fieldworkers continue monitoring the situation, we are increasingly alarmed by the intentional and disproportionate targeting of civilians and civilian properties. Al Mezan condemns all unlawful military attacks and warns against the continuation of hostilities in what could result in the repetition of previous full-scale military operations, that claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians, notably children and women, led to the destruction of thousands of houses, and resulted in the displacement of thousands of Palestinian families. Al Mezan is deeply concerned by the continued inaction of the international community, as Gaza is pushed into perpetually worse security and humanitarian conditions. Al Mezan warns that it is civilians who will bear the brunt of Israel’s disproportionate military strikes, blockade, and closure—all measures in stark violation of international law.” (May 11)
    • Tweet: “Our fieldworkers are documenting the attacks on #Gaza, with 9 children among the victims. Read our press release for details and follow us here. With risk of further harm to civilians, the int’l community must disincentivize Israeli full-scale assault.” (Twitter, May 11)
  • Defense for Children International – Palestine (DCI-P) (Donors include European UnionItalyNetherlandsBroederlijk Delen(Belgium), Rockefeller Brothers FundSave the Children, and UNICEF)
    • “Palestinian armed groups in the Gaza Strip began firing rockets at Israel during the march, and the Israeli military responded with aerial attacks striking several locations in the Gaza Strip. International humanitarian law prohibits indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks and requires all parties to an armed conflict to distinguish between military targets, civilians, and civilian objects. Israel as the occupying power in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including the Gaza Strip, is required to protect the Palestinian civilian population from violence.” (May 11)
    • Tweet: “US State Dept spokesperson Ned Price said he couldn’t condemn the killing of Palestinian children because he didn’t have the “facts on the ground.” The facts are in: Nine Palestinian children are dead. Will you condemn their killing, @StateDeptSpox? https://dci-palestine.org/nine_children_killed_in_gaza_strip_as_violence_escalates…” (Twitter, May 12)
  • Palestinian Center for Human Rights (European UnionIrelandSpainFrance (Consulate General), Open Society InstituteChristian Aid (UK), DanChurchAid (Denmark), Grassroots International, Kvinna Till Kvinna (Sweden), Trocaire (Ireland), Oxfam Novib (Netherlands), Misereor (Germany), and the United Nations (OCHA, OHCHR, UNDP, UN Women).
    • “PCHR condemns the Israeli military escalation and airstrikes and points out that this escalation came after the occupation continued a systemic campaign of suppression and oppression in occupied East Jerusalem, which resulted in the injury of more than 800 Palestinians; some of them were deemed in critical condition. PCHR warns that civilians would pay the price and fall victim in this escalation and emphasizes that the continued Israeli attacks on populated residential areas and the use of weapons on the basis of collective reprisals constitute grave violations of the 1949 four Geneva Conventions, amounting to war crimes.” (May 11)
  • Samidoun (Samidoun does not publish financial information, reflecting a lack of transparency and accountability)
    • Tweet: “From the repression in Sheikh Jarrah to the bombing of Gaza, the Israeli government has opted to escalate its brutality toward Palestinians.” (Twitter, May 12)
  • Stop the Wall (Stop the Wall does not publish financial information, reflecting a lack of transparency and accountability)

American NGOs

  • Adalah Justice Project (Donors include the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Tides Center)
    • Tweet: “Palestinians in the U.S. are forced to live with the fact that the taxes we pay is going to the bombs being dropped on our families back home.” (Twitter, May 12)
    • Tweet: “It doesn’t matter how Palestinians resist. If we are unarmed, Israel kills us. If we are armed, Israel kills us. Don’t police our response to Israeli apartheid and settler colonialism. #FreePalestine” (Twitter, May 11)
    • Tweet: “Israel is bombing Gaza. 10 including 3 children have been killed. The struggle against Israel’s ethnic cleansing in Sheikh Jarrah is the same struggle to end apartheid in Hebron, to end police brutality in Umm elFahm, to end the onslaught of bombs in Gaza. #SavePalestine” (Twitter, May 10)
  • American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) (Donors include Switzerland, Bread for the World-EED(Germany), Ford Foundation, and the United Nations Population Fund)
    • Facebook post: “At least 20 Palestinians, including children, were killed by an Israeli bombing in Gaza today, following escalating violence. We have seen increased Israeli violence against Palestinians over the last weeks, including police raids on Al-Aqsa mosque, blocked access to Al-Aqsa for Palestinians during Ramadan, roadblocks to limit access to Jerusalem for Palestinian citizens of Israel, threatened forced displacement of Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem, mass arrests of Palestinian activists, and other ongoing violations of Palestinian rights. Today, rockets were fired towards Israel from Gaza, and Israel quickly retaliated with multiple lethal bombings. The current situation has its roots in occupation and apartheid which systematically denies Palestinians their rights and defines life in Palestine and Israel. This occupation has long been supported financially and politically by the U.S. government. At AFSC we continue to work with our Palestinian and Israeli partners as they push for a just and lasting peace. We offer our condolences to all those who have suffered loss and our solidarity to those pushing for change. We also renew our demand that the U.S. government end all military aid to Israel and demand accountability for ongoing violations of Palestinian rights: https://bit.ly/33DNywZ #Palestine #FreePalestine #SheikhJarrah #SaveSheikhJarrah #EndIsraeliApartheid” (Facebook, May 11)
    • Twitter: “At least 20 Palestinians, including children, were killed by an Israeli bombing in Gaza today, following escalating violence. We have seen increased Israeli violence against Palestinians over the last weeks…” (Twitter, May 11)
    • Twitter: “Today, rockets were fired towards Israel from Gaza, and Israel quickly retaliated with multiple lethal bombings. The current situation has its roots in occupation and apartheid which systematically denies Palestinians their rights and defines life in Palestine and Israel.” (Twitter, May 11)
  • American Muslims for Palestine (AMP does not publish financial information, reflecting a lack of transparency and accountability
  • Center for Constitutional Rights (Donors include the Ford Foundation and Open Society Foundation)
    • Twitter: “Today, as Israel violently attempts to repress the Palestinian freedom struggle, killing at least 24 people in Gaza & wounding hundreds of Palestinians across historic Palestine, we are in court demanding the right to be outraged & to organize against these atrocities.” (Twitter, May 11)
  • CODEPINK (CODEPINK does not publish financial information, reflecting a lack of transparency and accountability)
    • Tweet by Ariel Gold (CODEPINK National Co-director): “In case you haven’t been paying attention, 20 Palestinians have been killed today in Gaza, including nine children, one under the age of ten. Israel must stop bombing and the US must stop aid until it does.” (Twitter, May 10)
    • Tweet by Ariel Gold: “Israel’s attempt to ethnically cleanse Palestinian families in #SheikhJarrah à Israel uses stun grenades, tear gas inside Al Aqsa, Palestinians throw rocks back à Hamas now firing rockets at Jerusalem Jerusalem à ???” (Twitter, May 10)
    • Launched a petition titled “No More Military ‘Aid’ to Israel!” According to the petition, “Israel is ramping up its violent attacks on Palestinians. Not only did Israeli forces shoot tear gas and rubber bullets into Al-Aqsa mosque during Ramadan, but now bombs are raining down in Gaza! Call on President Biden and Secertary Blinken to stop funding Israeli apartheid and violence!”
  • IfNotNow (Donors include the Rockefeller Brothers Fund)
    • Tweet: “Collective punishment of civilian infrastructure by’the most moral army in the world.’ Making Palestinian civilians’ lives harder in Gaza does not make Jewish lives safer in Israel.” (Twitter, May 12)
    • Tweet: “.@SecBlinken condemned rocket attacks twice while urging both sides to deescalate. He didn’t mention the 9 Palestinian children in Gaza who were killed in Israeli airstrikes. Why does the Biden Administration value the humanity of Israelis more than the humanity of Palestinians?” (Twitter, May 10)
    • Tweet: “Shocking. Killing Palestinian children does not keep Jewish children safe. We pray that Israeli forces and Hamas stop escalating this round of violence. And we know that to stop all future violence, Israeli apartheid must end.” (Twitter, May 10)
  • Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP’s donors include the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Tides Foundation, Violet Jabara Charitable Trust, and the Firedoll Foundation)
    • Tweet: “This is unjustifiable. A large residential building that housed 80 families was there — and then, suddenly, it wasn’t. Only one side — Israel — is perpetrating this wanton violence. And only one side has a $3.8 billion annual blank check to do so from the US government.” (Twitter, May 12)
    • Tweet: “An important contextual reminder: Palestinians in densely-populated Gaza have nowhere to evacuate to. They are held captive by the Israeli government and the IDF. An evacuation text in a pandemic without an evacuation plan is sheer cruelty and terror.” (Twitter, May 11)

European NGOs

  • Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights
    • Tweet by Natalie Sedacca (LPHR lawyer): “We are extremely concerned by @pchrgaza report that since yesterday evening 26 Palestinians, inc nine children & one woman, have been killed, with a further 75 injured inc 22 children & seven women, during airstrikes by Israel’s military forces in the Gaza Strip #GazaUnderAttack” (Twitter, May 11)
  • Medical Aid for Palestinians (Donors include Trocaire, the United Nations (UNICEF, UN OCHA, UN occupied Palestinian territory Humanitarian Fund), Islamic Relief, Muslim Aid, and the Ploughshares Trust)
    • “Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) urges the international community, including the UK government, to take urgent and immediate steps to protect Palestinians and ensure their access to medical care amid Israeli attacks across the occupied Palestinian territory.” (May 11)
    • Tweet by MAP: “MAP CEO @aimshalan: “Expressions of concern from the international community are not enough. We urge states to take immediate and meaningful steps to bring this violence to an end and to ensure that violations against civilians and healthcare are met with genuine accountability.” (Twitter, May 11)
    • Tweet by Rohan Talbot (Map Advocacy Manager): “A reminder, as Israel begins killing and injuring people in Gaza: #Gaza‘s health system is still experiencing surge in #COVID19 cases and its health system is already badly depleted – due in large part to Israel’s failure to meet its duties as occupier to ensure vaccine access.” (Twitter, May 10)
  • Rights Forum (The Rights Forum does not release financial details or donation amounts, reflecting a lack of transparency and accountability)
    • Tweet: “@US, did the residential tower collapse AFTER the air raid or BY the air raid? Why does the headline for missiles on Tel Aviv show the culprit and not for missiles on Gaza? Why is it a missile in one case and an unspecified attack in the other?” (Twitter, May 11)
  • War on Want (Donors include Open Society Foundation, Christian Aid, and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation)
    • Tweet: “As Israeli warplanes bombard the Gaza Strip and Israeli armed forces brutalise Palestinian protestors, the UK government continues to approve the sale of weapons used to systemically violate Palestinian rights. Tell the UK government to #StopArmingIsrael” (Twitter, May 11)

Israeli NGOs